MADAM BLACK MADAM BLACK Ivan Barge 2015 / New Zealand / 12 min -

When a photographer runs over a young girl's cat, he finds himself inventing a story about its disappearance.

LA HISTORIA DE SIEMPRE THE SAME OLD STORY José Luis Montesinos 2009 / Spain / 11 MIN -

A man does everything he can to try and recover his wife in order to put an end to his crisis.

PENNY DREADFUL Shane Atkinson 2012 / usa / 18 MIN -

A rookie crook gets involved in a ransom plot and ends up kidnapping the wrong girl.

EL CORREDOR THE RUNNER Spain José Luis Montesinos 2014 / SPAIN / 12 MIN -

Five years ago, the boss closed the company and fired 300 workers. The first day he goes for a run, he bumps into one of them.

MEU AMIGO NIETZCHE MY FRIEND NIETZSCHE Faustón da Silva 2013 / Brazil / 15 MIN -

Lucas’ chance meeting with Niestzche will be the beginning of a violent revolution in his mind, his family and society. By the end, he will no longer a boy, he’ll be dynamite!

SUIKER SUGAR Jeroen Annokkeé 2010 / The Netherlands / 8 MIN -

Klaasje, Bert’s neighbour downstairs, comes to the door one day scantily dressed, asking to borrow a cup of sugar. It’s the old cliché situation with a possible sexual outcome. When she lets the cup slip from her hands and they both try to catch it, destiny strikes.

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