Some specialists from Chile, Portugal and Spain will arrive this Sunday in Bueu in order to spend three days viewing the 25 films of the International Short Film Festival’s Official Section, whose tenth edition is taking place between the 9th and the 16th of September. Afterwards, journalist Pamela Biénzobas, producer António Costa and critic Javier Tolentino will be responsible for selecting the winning works of the Golden Amphora, the Silver Amphora and the twelve technical awards. Meanwhile, the best Galician and Spanish short films will have a different jury, as well as for the awards allocated to education centres.

Javier Tolentino is best known for directing and introducing “El séptimo vicio”, a cinema programme from Radio 3, the third radio station of Spain’s national public radio service. A section of this programme will be recorded in Bueu. He has also worked as special envoy of RNE (Radio Nacional de España) for more than thirty years in festivals from all around the world. Furthermore, he collaborates in numerous specialist publications and he has published some books. He has some important supports such as the one of San Sebastián Festival and he has worked in some teams awarded Premios Ondas.

António Costa directed the prestigious Avanca Film Festival for the past two decades and co-publishes the “International Journal of Cinema”. He is a professor in two Portuguese universities and leads the Academia Portuguesa de Cinema among other associations. He has been awarded as producer and director around 300 prizes in contests all over the world.

Pamela Biénzobas is a journalist and a cinema critic born in Chile. She completed her studies in Paris, her current place of residence. She has collaborated worldwide in written and digital press, founding even a magazine called “Mabuse”. For five years, she was the vice chairperson of the International Federation of Film Critics, where nowadays she is responsible for the special awards the organization bestows.

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