The tenth anniversary of FICBUEU “closes the first cycle of this contest’s history where we were making progress until becoming an event internationally renowned”, since in the International Short Film Festival of Bueu (Pontevedra) “we can see the best short films worldwide made in the last year”. This is what its director, Mauel Pena, stated this morning during the presentation of FICBUEU 2017, which is going to take place from 9th to 16th September. It was also attended by some representatives of Bueu’s local government, Deputación de Pontevedra and Galician Agency of Cultural Industry from Xunta de Galicia, the main co financer institutions.

Beyond the high quality of the films which are going to be projected in Centro Social do Mar, Manuel Pena highlighted some novelties like the diversification of the spaces, above all, the requested meeting point. It will be established in the room Amalia Domínguez, where the audience may gather to discuss about the shorts, meet the directors in the presentations and colloquiums or enjoying the exhibition “10 years of cinema”. Furthermore, the filmmakers will spend a few days in the town to participate in different activities. Besides, the parallel leisure, gastronomy, storytelling, concert, etc. activities will be strengthened, “always looking for a link with the world of cinema”.

Regarding the projections, which are composed of one hundred shorts form forty countries, this year, a third contestant section for the Spanish works will be added to the regular sections Official and Galicia. The remaining passes and activities will be for free, with the exception of magic spectacle. The director of FICBUEU also pointed out the importance of the live radio broadcasts in this edition thanks to the execution of some state programmes, the Honour Award (still secret) and the meeting with Antonio Durán ‘Morris’ the opening day.

Félix Juncal, Mayor of Bueu, stated that FICBUEU “has been able to move forward, introducing new elements that make it more attractive and exciting. All that without losing its essence: the popularity. It is a festival conceived for all the citizenry”. Xosé Leal, provincial Culture Deputy, talked about one of the contest’s success keys: “it had a small start, getting in the first place a local public which brings life to the town during the whole week”. Since “it is a multidisciplinary festival which includes an educational work”, it received the support of Deputación de Pontevedra, that will also collaborate with the concert of Tanxugueiras in the closing celebration.

Likewise, Agadic director, Jacobo Sutil, valued the “non-conforming mindset and further improvement every year” with new activities as one of the factors that provide the contest with the support of the autonomous government, not to mention the high quality of the programme. In this regard, he also stated that the audiovisual festivals like FICBUEU have an strategic value because “they allow the spectators to enjoy films which otherwise might not have been accessible. They constitute a diffusion platform for Galician films and contribute to the creation of audiences”. In addition he also highlighted the “cultural, social, economic and touristic revitalisation of the territory”.

Programme keys
The International Short Film Festival of Bueu of this year has the biggest number of screenings and activities in its ten editions. Between Monday 11th and Friday 15th of September, two daily sessions of the Official Section will be held. They will take place at 19:45 p.m. and 22:00 p.m., with a colloquium after the first session and a presentation before the second one. All along the week, the parallel sections Comedy, Panorama, Latin America, Animation and Brotherhood with Abanca’s Festival will be screened at 18:00 p.m. In the previous weekend, on Saturday 9 at the same hour and on Sunday 10 at 17:00 p.m., the selections 10th Anniversary and Family will be respectively shown. At 22:00 p.m., the sections Galicia and Spain will take place. In the case of Galicia, you may attend the subsequent debate.

The complementary activities will start this Saturday with the opening ceremony at eleven o’clock, that includes live performances, talks, screenings and the vermouth session. In the afternoon, you may assist the meeting with actor Antonio Durán ‘’Morris’ and, at midnight, Luis Davila will draw to the sound of music. On Sunday morning, the prices for the works elaborated in schools will be given in a caring session which will be followed by Cinematomagician’s spectacle. In the afternoon, you may enjoy cinema tales and the screening and the analysis of ‘Vértigo’. From Monday to Thursday, the radio programme ‘El séptimo vicio’ will be recorded at coffee time. On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, primary school children will have their own closed sessions.

Last day, Saturday 16th, will begin with a morning conference about TV series and, in the afternoon, you may attend another talk about film co-production between Galicia and Portugal. After that, radio programme ‘Carne cruda’ will be live broadcasted. The closing gala will start at 21:30h with the ceremony award, followed by the closing party. During the week, you can also attend the short film workshop and 5 Stars Tapas Route, organised by the local government, apart from a new edition of Fecimo’s (Morrazo’s Federation of Shopkeepers and Industrialists) campaign to take the cinema to the shop windows of the town.

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