In the present tenth anniversary, FICBUEU’S closing gala will be more international than ever before. It will count on the assistance of a dozen of filmmakers arrived from different countries, as well as some local interpreters such as Antonio Durán ‘Morris’ or Nieve de Medina, who are going to receive each honorific award in the course of the event. Furthermore, tomorrow’s programme includes some previous activities such as talks about TV series and co-production, as well as the live broadcasting of a radio programme.

At 12:00h in Massó Museum, professor Concepción Cascajosa will offer the conference “Living series. TV fiction in the world we live in”. In it, she will tackle their ability to reflect the current times, a remarkable aptitude of this flourishing cultural product. At 13:15h, you can enjoy Vermouth with CREA in the meeting point, which is established in the showing room. It is organised by the aforesaid directors’ association in order to think about how local stories work globally.

Earlier that same day, at 11:30h, the foreign filmmakers will have the chance to sail across the estuary the onboard the traditional watercrafts of association Os Galos. Afterwards, at 12:00h, they will attend the gastronomic meeting, which is going to take place in the local market, a cooking show where a chef will prepare live a menu based on Galician products. Turismo de Galicia and Galicia Calidade are, respectively, the sponsors of both activities.

In the afternoon, the well-known Portuguese producer António Costa Valente will give the master class “Galicia and Portugal, producing cinema between the two sides of the border”. The attention will be focused on the motivations and possibilities to conduct joint productions and, at the same time, that will show the challenges that imply a greater and better collaboration. It will take place at 18:00h in Massó Museum and it is specially addressed to professionals in the sector.

Right after, from 19:45h, the radio programme ‘Carne cruda’ will be broadcasted live from the outside area of Centro Social do Mar. Javier Gallego ‘Crudo’ will interview actress Nieves de Medina and also ‘Morris’, one of the actors of the series Fariña, on the topic of drug trafficking in Galicia. Carlos Sedes, the director of this series, will also participate. Besides, the band Moon Cresta will play live.

The concerts will go on at the same place about 21:00h with Tanxugueiras, revelation group of Galician traditional music. Once the performance is finished, the closing gala will start in Centro Social do Mar, where the special guests and the public will be welcome by an original flower carpet created by the Cultural Association of Corpus Carpets of Bueu. Some actors, actresses, producers and authorities such as Bueu’s mayor, Félix Juncal, will pass across the carpet. They will also be accompanied by Carmela Silva, president of Deputación de Pontevedra, and Anxo Lorenzo, secretary-general of Culture in Xunta de Galicia, on behalf of the three administrations that support FICBUEU 2017, as well as local organisations and companies do.

The ceremony will be hosted again by the actor César Aldea and its music will also be played once again by Severiano Casalderrey. As usual, the gala will have in its beginning an element of surprise in order to denounce some current social situation by screening an extract from a film. It will be followed by the projection of the short film made in the workshop given in the 10th International Short Film Festival of Bueu.

In the first part of the gala, the awards to the eleven technical categories will be given: best director, screenplay, actress, actor, photography, art direction, costume, makeup/hairdressing, sound, assembly and music. Afterwards, Best Spanish Short Film and Best Galician Short Film awards will be announced, endowed with 250€ and 500€. At the end, you will enjoy the screenings and Public Award, composed of 500€, Silver Amphora and Gold Amphora, whose winners will receive 2.500€ and 1.000€ respectively. The ceremony will also count on the service of a sign language interpreter with the aim of making it more accessible. For this reason, all the short films of this edition were subtitled. In addition, the gala will be broadcasted in streaming and everybody can make a comment in the social networks, in Twitter with the hashtag #galaficbueu17.

Moreover, today’s programme continues as planned, with the screening of the parallel section Avanca’s Festival Twinning at 18:00h, where you can enjoy five Portuguese films and another Brazilian. The last projections of Official Section will take place at 19:45h and 22:00h, with their respective identical passes. There you can enjoy ‘Fox’ (Greece), by Jacqueline Lentzou; ‘Irregulars’ (Italy), directed by Fabio Palmieri; ‘Bon Voyage’ (Switzerland/Turkey), by Mark Wilkins; ‘Nowhere line: voices from Manus Island’, by producer Lukas Schrank; and ‘Cléo’, by Julie Navarro. The audience will have the chance to meet the filmmakers in festival’s meeting point at 21:00h, before entering the second session and after leaving the first one.

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