FICBUEU 2017’s audience will have the opportunity to meet with renowned professionals from the world of the cinema, both Galician and foreign.

Meeting with Antonio Durán ‘Morris’. Saturday 9th – Massó Museum.

Actor Antonio Durán, best known as ‘Morris’, will have a meeting with the public on Saturday 9 of September at 19:45 p.m. in the multipurpose room of Massó Museum. This talk, shaped into an in-depth interview, will thoroughly analyse the path the actor has gone through until becoming a model both in TV and the cinema, holding even a vast performing experience in the theatre. The everlasting “cuñado” of the series Pratos combinados has also worked with renowned directors. In the closing ceremony of the 10th International Film Festival of Bueu, he is going to receive Galician Cinema Award.

Presentations and talks with the filmmakers. Saturday 9th / Monday 11th / Tuesday 12th / Wednesday 13th / Thursday 14th / Friday 15th – 23:30h / 22h / 21h. Meeting point.

The audience may meet before and after the projections in the meeting point placed in the exhibition hall Amalia Domínguez Búa, where they can share experiences in direct contact with the guest directors. In order to make easier the involvement in the conversations, they will find there a moderator and a translator.

On Saturday 9 of September, from 23:30 p.m., you may attend a colloquium with the authors of the short films from Section Galicia, which are going to be projected in the previous session. Between Monday 11th and Friday 15th September, there will be two opportunities to meet the filmmakers of the Official Section. The ones who assist the first session, may also assist the talk at 22:00 p.m. On the contrary, visitants attending the second session may go before to the presentation of the short films which are going to be offered by the producers at 21:00 p.m.

The meeting point holds also the exposition “10 anos de cine” (“10 years of cinema”), which commemorates the first decade of the festival where many of the assistants met again. This room is also the place of the café, where you may have a snack.