SATURDAY 9th, 11:00

The tenth edition of the FICBUEU will begin on Saturday 9th September at 11:00 h with the performance of the jazz trio A doce Vita, which will offer a concert with a repertoire of film soundtracks in the vicinity of the Centro Social do Mar.

At 11:45 h the institutional inauguration of the FICBUEU 2017 will take place. It will give way to the introduction and screening of the “Folk news programme No.1”, a piece recently recovered and restored from the first news programme of the Pontevedresa producer Folk, that will allow us to approach the 1932 Galician life through a series of small reports of different nature (culture, sport, fishing, etc). With this activity we want to approach to a central part of our audiovisual heritage and to the figure of Ramón Barreiro, a republican producer that during three years captured in celluloid the transformations of the country. The introduction will be given by the professor Jose Luis Castro de Paz, with the conference “The republican cinema in Galicia: Ramón Barreiro and the ‘Folk news programme'”.

The second part of the event will be the premiere of the short film “Megalópole”, made it by young people with intellectual disabilities. This project is part of the Social Area of the FICBUEU, which during the year develops different workshops with disadvantaged groups. “Megalópole” is the result of four months of work in the Juan XIII association of Cangas, where eight users worked in the complete realization of the short film. The film is starring by Mónica Camaño, Fran Paredes and Casilda Alfaro.

At the end of the opening act, around 13:00 h the Meeting Point will be opened at Amalia Domínguez Búa’s Gallery –in front of the Centro Social do Mar-, whith a vermouth session,  that includes a concert by Desconcierto, sponsored by Bodegas Lodeiros and Rosa de los Vientos. It is a place where, during the week, spectators and filmmakers will be able to meet and share experiences. The space will feature a commemorative exhibition of the ten years of the festival and a small bar where you can drink something. We will have live music outdoors for the opening.