Being comedy one of the favourite genres for the public FIC-BUEU is featuring its own single section on it

MONDAY 11TH, 18:00
90 GRAD NORD 90 DEGREES NORTH Detsky Graffam 2015 / Germany / 21 MIN -

Good Germans wait at traffic lights, but... what if the green man just doesn’t appear? In this fantastical black comedy called 90 Degrees North, Karl, a stressed businessman, is trapped by an evil traffic island. A bitter fight for survival ensues.

THE LAW OF AVERAGES THE LAW OF AVERAGES Elizabeth Rose 2016 / Canada / 14 MIN -

Death waits for no woman: in Quebec’s countryside, during a brutal winter, a woman and her adult daughter await the death of the family's matriarch.
A dark comedy about the unwitting emotional pain mothers and daughters inflict on each other.

LA VIE SAUVAGE WILD LIFE Laure Bourdon Zarader 2017 / France / 14 MIN -

Arnaud and Nora had a perfect plan for a perfect weekend: a tour in a wildlife park, pictures with animals, sex, a nap and dinner. But the stifling heat, the lack of animals and Nora’s libido will ruin Arnaud’s methodical plans.

JIMBO Rodrigo Zanforlin 2017 / USA / 15 MIN -

Jimbo: sixteen, quiet and shy. He has spent his life cowering in the shadow of his overbearing and anarchic father, also known as “El tigrón”, and his devoted but delusional lover Lolli. After their latest heist, Jimbo decides to take charge of his destiny and break free from his father’s prison.

LE PLOMBIER THE PLUMBER Méryl Fortunat-Rossi, Xavier Séron 2016 / Belgium / 14 MIN -

One day, Tom, a Flemish comedian that used to dub cartoons, replaces a colleague unexpectedly. Finally, Tom ends up in the studio of a French-speaking pornographic film. Catherine, an experienced actress, will be his partner. Tom will play the plumber.

OFF OFF Thomas Scohy, Kevin Zonnen 2016 / France / 3 MIN -

A man is intrigued by an electrical switch he discovers behind a cabinet. He does not rest until he figures out its purpose, but… at what cost?

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