Selection of works from Latin America

Wednesday 13th, 18:00
I'M NOT FROM HERE I'M NOT FROM HERE Maite Alberdi, Giedre Zickyte 2016 / Chile, Lithuania, Denmark / 26 min -

Josebe, a Basque 80-year-old woman, lives in a residence for the elderly in Santiago, Chile. Every day she thinks it’s her first day there, and every day she has to realise it’s not. She must also remember that she is neither in her country nor with her family anymore.

MADRE MOTHER Simón Mesa Soto 2016 / Colombia, Sweden / 14 min -

Andrea is 16 years old and leaves her neighbourhood on the hills of Medellin, Colombia, to attend a downtown casting call for a porn film.

THE END OF TIME THE END OF TIME Milcho Manchevski 2017 / Cuba, USA / 5 MIN -

The End of Time highlights that one moment on a regular unassuming Tuesday, when you realise that time has stopped and that the universe has been sucked into a single grain of rice.

SOFÍA Anabel Caso 2017 / Mexico / 11 MIN -

The erotic encounter of Sofia with a stranger at a petrol station in the middle of nowhere will mark the end of her innocence and the beginning of her puberty.

DEUSA (galego) DEUSA Bruna Callegari 2016 / Brazil / 18 MIN -

Deusa works at a toll on the island where she lives. Accustomed to seeing the movement of travellers, she had never thought of her own destiny. When a whale washes up on the beach, Deusa starts to feels different.

DOBRO FINE Marta Hernaiz Pidal 2017 / México, Bosnia-Hercegovina / 15 MIN -

Mira, a Romany woman, decides to sit and rest at Selma’s doorstep. Annoyed by the situation, Selma tries everything to kick Mira out, but she refuses just by answering with the word “fine”. Both women will start an endless fight that can only end well.

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