Javier Tolentino
Although he’s mostly known for directing and presenting “El séptimo vicio”, a radio show aimed at film lovers, Javier Tolentino has directed several programmes in public radio stations. He studied Law and holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. In addition, he works for RNE (Spain’s public broadcasting corporation) as a correspondent in festivals around the world and has written various books such as “Disculpen que les hable de la radio”, his latest work. Furthermore, Tolentino has been conferred various awards, either individually or jointly: many Ondas Awards, a CEC Medal for his work as a film critic, a prize by the San Sebastián International Film Festival, among others. He founded and directed for 5 years a film festival in the Canary Islands called Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote.

Pamela Biénzobas
Pamela Biénzobas is a Chilean journalist and film critic. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication, a master in Cinema Studies and a PhD. She lives in Paris, where she received her postgraduate education, and has collaborated in written and digital media from all around the globe, as well as in books such as the “Dictionnaire Mondial du Cinéma” (Larousse) or “El novísimo cine chileno” (Uqbar). Apart from participating in the collection called “Los Cuadernos de Cinema23” and founding the “Mabuse” magazine, she has been vice-president of the International Federation of Film Critics for 5 years. She’s currently responsible of the special awards conferred by this organisation. On the other hand, Pamela Biénzobas is a member of several associations, including Cinema23 (Fénix Awards) and Académie des Lumières (Lumière Awards), in which she is the vice-president.

António Costa
It is been two decades since he is directing the renowned Avanca Film Festival and seven years since he is the director of its namesake magazine. Additionally, he co-edits the “International Journal of Cinema”. António Costa holds a PhD in Cinema Studies, works as a professor in the public universities of Aveiro and Vila Real (Portugal) and often participates as a guest lecturer in various higher education institutions. Furthermore, he is the director of the Portuguese Film Academy (Sophia Awards), the Portuguese Association of Film Producers (APCA) and the national coordinator of a conference about the limits of the public television called Input-TV. He has been conferred around 300 awards from all around the world due to his work as a director and producer.


Beli Martínez
She holds a PhD in Audiovisual Communication. She has produced several films such as Arraianos or Vikingland, chosen as one of the best films of the year by the critics. In 2013, she produces the film Une Histoire Seule, by Xurxo Chirro, screened in Mar del Plata and other film festivals. Next year, she released Jet Lag, a film by Eloy Domínguez. On the other hand, apart from being a professor in the University of Vigo and a teacher in other institutes, she is a commissioner (in collaboration with Gisela Franco) of “Cinema e Muller”, a project that intends to highlight the labour of female producers at a local level. Also, Beli Martínez works as a coordinator in film festivals such as Curtocircuíto and Play-Doc (Galicia).

Aser Álvarez
He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and a master’s degree in Journalism. Aser Álvarez is also a university expert in Audiovisual Communication and has worked in the media. He is a founding member of the film production company Arraianos Producións, as well as the author of guidebooks and multimedia works. His debut film is the documentary 100% CEF, which participated in several festivals around the world and that was conferred a Mestre Mateo Award, as well as the Jury’s Special Award to the best documentary at the Bucharest International Film Festival. He also works as a director and scriptwriter in advertising spots, short films, documentaries and TV programmes. Sísifo confuso is his last documentary.

María Arochena
María Arochena obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Sciences, a master’s degree in Audiovisual Management and a postgraduate in Commercialisation of Audiovisual Contents. She is member of both the Spanish Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy and the Galician Audiovisual Academy and of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster. At present, she is the director of Diboos (Spanish Federation of Animation Producers’ Associations). Arochena was the executive producer of the films Memorias dun home en pixama e en Engurras. Moreover, she has been conferred two Goya Awards, five Mestre Mateo and other international prizes. Gritos en el pasillo, Los muertos van deprisa and El bosque animado are some recognized works in which she participated.



Xabier Souto
He works as a sound engineer and an audio technician on both film and TV projects. Since 2001, he has participated in more than 30 films, such as As altas presións, Encallados, Crebinsky and A Esmorga. His deep passion for films and music gives him artistic sensibility and dedication when approaching a new project.


Mariana Petitti
Apart from being a teacher in Primary Education, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication and a MA in Specialisation in Animation and Stop Motion. She has lived and worked in many different countries around the world, always trying to combine her both professions. Regarding the audiovisual field, she is experienced in animation, photography, design, advertising and also as a scriptwriter in radio and video.

Roi Guitián
As a director, he is a specialist in non-fiction genres. However, he also dedicates his time to teaching students, professionals and social agents how to develop audiovisual creation and skills in the media. From Gingko, he collaborates with educational centres and associations in order to achieve the integration of audiovisual material as a tool for change and participation.