The secrets of sound effects and photography direction in cinema will be revealed in two vermouth-talks that will take place in the 11º International Short Film Festival of Bueu (Pontevedra). The Meeting Point of FICBUEU, located at the room Amalia Domínguez Búa, will be the setting of both proposals during the first weekend of the event, which will be held from 7th to 15th September. Both activities will be free access and are sponsored by Bodegas Lodeiros.

On Saturday 8th at 11:30h, the talk with Foley Artists will show us one of the most unknown and peculiar professions in the process of making a film. A discipline named after the New Yorker Jack Foley who developed numerous techniques that are used nowadays to create different sounds in cinema. The experienced Diego Staub and Miguel Barbosa will offer live demonstrations of the work that they normally do at the studio, a space full of unheard of objects from which they get the sound they need. The company Sound Troop, one of the most prestigious ones in Europe, has worked in hundreds of films that have traveled across the globe, such as Julieta, Insidious, The Babysitter or Verónica, awarded a Goya for best sound. Moreover, its presence is notorious in the international market: America, Denmark, Switzerland or India.

On Sunday 9th September at 11:00h, FICBUEU will hold “Photography in film”, a master class taught by Lucía Catoira that will bring to light the necessary processes to define the “look” of a film from the point of view of photography. She will explain how the initial abstract condition is translated into implementation, as well as her relation with other departments, the importance of localization or the possibilities offered by postproduction. The activity is addressed to all public and will reveal some of the photography director’s keys when facing a new project. Lucía Catoira has worked in well-known film such as Matria, Dhogs or Trote and she is considered one of the great values of the Galician audiovisual industry.

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