Ten international filmmakers, Galician professionals and well-known film critics have an appointment tomorrow at the Closing Gala of FICBUEU 2018, which will culminate this intense edition of the festival. Outstanding actors and actresses such as Antonio Durán “Morris” and Mónica Camaño, renowned directors like Álvaro Gago, Fon Cortizo or Noemí Chantada and film critics like Jordi Costa and Manu Yáñez, as well as some of the members of this year’s international jury will get together with the public in a very lively awards ceremony. For the moment, the activities agenda continues to go on this afternoon and tomorrow with a wide programme.

After the screenings addressed to the schoolchildren projected during mornings, this afternoon we will have activities for them, a cinema storyteller, Olalla González, at 17:30h at the Meeting Point, where the author working for Kalandraka will introduce children to the different cinematographic genres through literary characters. Today’s screenings will start at 18:00h with the Panorama Section, an access free session, which gathers the best global short films that did not make it into the contest.

The last sessions of the competitive International Section, which has completely filled up the stalls of the Centro Social do Mar this week, will take place one last time at 19:45h and 22:00h. Today with the French film Ce qui nous tient by Yann Chemin; Bonobo, made by the Swedish Zoel Aeschbacher;  and the also Swedish titles Min börda by Niki Lindroth Von Bahr and Skuggdjur by Jerry Carlsson. The director of the latter will participate in a colloquium at 21:15h joined by the producer of the first one, Thomas Schober.

The cinema debate will continue tomorrow at 11:30h with the talk ‘The cinema critic’, where four of the most relevant professionals of the Spanish film critic will bring the public closer to their work while tasting vermouth courtesy of Bodegas Lodeiros. Jordi Costa, Jara Yáñez, Sergi Sánchez and Manu Yáñez, who usually publish on El País, Fotogramas or Caimán, will discuss some of the most controversial films of these years at a national and international level, moderated by the journalist Natalia Alonso.

At the same time, from 11:00h the activities will continue to go on with the Galician Schools Gala at the Centro Social do Mar, where the ten finalists will be screened and the winners will receive their awards, which are organised in three categories: special education, preschool and primary school; secondary education; and faculties and audio-visual schools. The event shows the value of the work that is being done in all educational centres regarding audio-visuals. It will be enlivened by Paco Nogueiras, who, from 12:30h, will also offer us his show Radio BuleBule, an invitation to experience radio live in a programme full of music and humour. Afterwards, at 16:30h in the afternoon, the creators of the selected short films of the Galician Schools Section will participate in an acting workshop where the filmmaker Nani Matos will introduce the participants to the direction of actors and actresses.

The closing activities of the 11º International Short Film Festival of Bueu will start at 20:30h outside the Centro Social do Mar with a concert of the Artistic Music Band of Bueu, included in the plan Pontegal, an initiative of the Diputación de Pontevedra. The main subject of the concert will be the soundtracks of great cinema classics. The Closing Gala will take place at 21:30h inside the auditory; the last tickets to attend it will be available this afternoon at the tickets window. During the ceremony the awarded short films will receive their prizes and we will be able to enjoy the screening of those awarded with the Golden Amphora and the People’s Choice Award.

The gala will count not only on the authors of the films but also on other outstanding professionals of the film industry and representatives of the Council of Bueu, the Diputación de Pontevedra, Xunta de Galicia, and other promoters. All of them will march in front of the floral tapestry made by the Asociación Cultural de Alfombras de Corpus de Bueu. The ceremony will be conducted by the actor César Aldea, accompanied by Severiano Casaderrey on piano; moreover, it can be followed on streaming and commented through social media. At the end, the public will have access to the Closing Party, a meeting point for organisers, guests and the public that will take place in the first floor of the Centro Social do Mar to culminate the 11º International Short Film Festival of Bueu.

Before the moment of the big reveal for the filmmakers, the international guests of FICBUEU 2018 are discovering our cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage with Turismo de Galicia. Yesterday, they visited Cabo Udra with the collaboration of Estela Arqueoloxía e Patrimonio, today it was the turn of a trip to the isla de Ons with Nabia, and tomorrow at 16:00h they will be able to enjoy a promenade through our Ría de Pontevedra aboard the traditional boats of the association Os Galos. Previous to that, during lunch they will have the opportunity to know the delights of our estuary with PescadeRías, which will organise a guided tour of the pier, local market and a cocktail based on sea products.

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