A group of young people from Xuntos, a collective from Pontevedra that works with people with Down syndrome, is making a horror short film as part of the cinema workshop taught by FICBUEU within the context of its Social Area that is supported by Obra Social “la Caixa”. The activity started in March, when the World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated, and will go on until June, every Thursday from 10:00-13:00h at the association’s offices.

Up to ten users of the programme Programa de Vida Adulta e Independiente, promoted by Xuntos Down Pontevedra, attend weekly workshops to get to know all the necessary processes to produce a film, which they will shoot later on. The short film will be released in September during the 12º International Short Film Festival of Bueu together with other films from different workshops. This way, participants will be able to show their work to the world.

This activity aims at encouraging the autonomy and personal development of those with Down syndrome. Like this, they can experience, collaborate and let their imagination flow, stimulating their artistic creativity in the meanwhile. At the same time, the work carried out at the workshop includes cognitive, corporal, emotional and sensitive dimensions, which help foster psychomotor, social and communication skills. In addition, it contributes to give visibility to the potential of mentally disabled people and normalises coexistence and tolerance.

The main focus of the FICBUEU now is to encourage an active social inclusion of the most disadvantaged groups. To achieve this aim, the association offers six courses of action. In the one hand, the cinema workshops with gypsy, Down syndrome and intellectual disabled people associations. In the other hand, the cinema forums with the inmates of the Centro Penitenciario in A Lama, the hospitalised minors and the elder from different day centres. This is a way of contributing to the social and cultural development of the environment while fostering values like respect, equality and solidarity.

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