Enric Montefusco, the artist from Barcelona, will lead the way for the musical performances during the 12º International Short Film Festival of Bueu that will take place from 6th to 14th September. The concert will be held on Saturday 7th at the Centro Social do Mar, where this alternative idol will perform, among others, the songs inside his second solo album Diagonal, that was released last weekend. The tickets for the concert will be made available online on 15th June.

The artist has already been performing onstage for twenty years, where he likes to experiment with new sounds and formats, something that has taken him to being considered one of the most creative, risk-taking and unclassifiable musicians in Spain, a free spirit who knows no borders. However, his career is best represented by the quality and power of his live performances, which we will have the opportunity to experience during FICBUEU 2019.

Together with the instrumentalists that have always stuck by his side, in this album Enric Montefusco takes his sound and literary commitment to another level using an incorruptible poetic and political awareness. After having embraced popular music in his debut with Meridiana (2016), the ex-member of the hardcore punk band Standstill continues to explore the workings of music.

The name of his new album, Diagonal, reminds us of the avenue that takes us in and out of Barcelona and offers us a suggestive conceptual game opposing Meridiana while it symbolises the economic development in the imaginary of an instructed generation.  His new work, as direct and transversal as never before, emphasizes social criticism and harshly reproduces an atypical journey tinged with touches of irony, which reaches an emotional climax with a song dedicated to the composer’s son.

The early release of this album, the single “Quien abre camino”, caught the public’s and critics’ attention over a month ago with a striking music video that was released just after the collaborative EP Coros de media noche, where Enric Montefusco featured artists like Nacho Vegas, Albert Pla or El Niño de Elche. After two live previews, Diagonal will be officially announced in the artist’s home town next 16th May as part of the programme of Guitar BCN.

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