The new image of the Bueu International Short Film Festival invites us to discover “big works of small size”’, as its director—Manuel Pena—states. The poster of this year shows an innocent eye, which through a magnifier, spies a group of miniatures that are shooting a film. This is the precise moment when the tiny figures that are filming, hidden from sight, are discovered and amplified through the lens. Thereby, it is reflected the metaphor of a contest whose objective is to put the focus on these short cinematic gems that are hidden in such a way that the audience can not see them.

At the same time, “there is an exchange of intertwined glances, a reflection on the act of observing, which becomes the main focus of audiovisuals”—comments Manuel Pena. In that sense, a composition is established. The three toys, located in front of the camera, are looking at something outside our line of vision, far behind the frames of the photograph. Simultaneously, the cameraman looks at the clapperboard throughout his work tool. The eye on the magnifier observes all of them and the audience watches the poster.

We are, once again, before a “careful combination of background and shape, image and message. At the same time, it fulfills the function of being eye-catching and appealing”. In full color, renewing itself, while keeping the yellow which was last year’s ink reference of visual identity. Now, we only have to wait and discover if FICBUEU 2019’s photocall—celebrated from the 6th to the 14th September—is in harmony with the scene depicted in the poster.

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