LIVE RADIO IN FICBUEU 2019 31/07/2019

After several years of hosting specialized programmes in the cinematographic field, the Bueu International Short Film Festival gives more importance to the radio than ever in this twelfth edition, with the presence of podcasts and state and regional radio stations. Spaces such as Carne cruda, El séptimo vicio, Sala 5 or El cine de loqueyotediga will be recorded live during FICBUEU 2019, which will also have the collaboration of Esta peli ya la visto for the film reviews.

Carne cruda is back in Bueu for the third consecutive year. This time with a programme entirely dedicated to cinema and therefore, there will be guests such as director Paco Plaza and actress María Vázquez, who will present their latest film, Quien a hierro mata. Javier Gallego, ‘Crudo’, will interview the recent winner of the Goya to the best supporting actor, Luis Zahera, who will also receive the Galician Cinema Award FICBUEU 2019. The female band Agoraphobia and Caspervek Trio will be in charge of the musical section. Carne cruda is broadcasted online on both its website and and will be the only radio section for which you will have to buy a ticket, which has a cost of 5 euros and can already be purchased at However, the listeners producers of the show will have free access.

Carne cruda will take place on Sunday 8th September at 17.30 at the Centro Social do Mar. The remaining programmes will also be recorded with a live audience at the festival’s Encounter Point, located in the ‘Amalia Domínguez’ Exhibition Hall.  This will be the case of El séptimo vicio, on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th at 18.15—when the Radio 3 show dedicated to auteur cinema directed by Javier Tolentino will take place. The renowned critic will run two special programmes, with various interviews, characterised by his usual passion and commitment, which make him a strong advocate of short films and the avant-garde cinema.

Radio Galega will not miss the appointment with FICBUEU through its specialised programme Sala 5, directed and presented by Begoña Vázquez. It will take place on Wednesday 11th at 18.15 and it will focus on the six directors of the Galicia Section. On Thursday 12 and Friday 13, at the same time, the show El cine de loqueyotediga —which began its journey thirty years ago on conventional radio— will take place. In addition, every day we will wake up in the social networks with an analysis of the short films of the previous day with Esta peli ya la he visto.

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