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The FICBUEU continues with its commitment to sustainable development

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The FICBUEU continues with its commitment to sustainable development


During the 15th edition of the festival and beyond the event, the organization carries out different initiatives related to the 2030 Agenda

Every year the team works on improving these measures and on the implementation of novelties that represent progress towards achieving the SDGs

One of the commitments of the Bueu International Film Festival is to work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, taking special care when programming activities that are achievable for the whole of society and that all people can enjoy the Proposals under equal conditions, without forgetting those measures that help and promote the conservation of their environment to create a sustainable and supportive event.

Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible de la Agenda 2030 de la ONU

Motivated by these commitments, the organization has been working for several editions taking into account the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda, focusing especially on several of them:

The first is SDG 2 – Hunger 0, carrying out for the second year and on this occasion throughout the event, a food collection together with the Food Bank of Vigo/Pontevedra (belonging to FESBAL – Spanish Federation of Food Banks). On the other hand, during the projections for educational centers, both organizations developed an awareness session with the youth of Bueu. All the donations obtained during the two weeks of the campaign were given to Cáritas Bueu, in order to generate a close impact.

Similarly, actions were also carried out in favor of quality education, SDG 4, such as the celebration of the Galician Schools Section, as well as different projection sessions for educational centers that were accompanied by didactic units, promoting audiovisual as a method of learning, creation and expression for youth.

Regarding gender equality, SDG 5, the FICBUEU has been implementing initiatives for several editions such as the use of inclusive and non-discriminatory language, the balance in the presence of professionals in different fields (juries, speakers, teachers, festival team , etc.) or collaboration with other festivals or institutions that promote these values, such as the Ambienta Festival – LBTGIQ+ in Pontevedra.

Another of the main values of the organization is to generate quality employment in a stable manner, SDG 8, betting on a continuous work model that does not base its hiring on temporary work and with the aim that outsourced services are local , working with mostly local professionals.

Also in this sense, responsible production and consumption is another of the organization’s commitments throughout the year, continuing with the progressive implementation of circular economy criteria, based on reducing, reusing and recycling, following SDG 12.

In addition to these initiatives in the 2022 edition, both the FICBUEU and the rest of the entities and events that are part of the Sustainable Culture Pact, agreed to carry out a series of specific actions: recognize and eradicate the barriers that prevent universal accessibility to the events, the elimination of 100% of single-use plastics, measuring the CO2 footprint and the identification of stakeholders.

Thus, the presence of single-use plastics was reduced by collaborating with Agua Local and the selective collection of waste was improved by participating in the Composta Morrazo! program, an initiative of the Mancomunidad del Morrazo that in this 15th edition contributed considerably to the reduction of overall volume of waste.

Projections for schoolchildren during FICBUEU 2022
Guests of the FICBUEU 2022 on the route through the Island of Ons

Finally, the FICBUEU also wanted to continue with the sustainable tourism activities of previous years, respecting SDGs 14 and 15, with the creation of a program for the guests of the festival whose purpose is to value the natural resources of the Bueu village.

Within this, there was a guided tour of Cabo Udra, a guided tour of the Ons Island, a tasting of local Galician products (paying special attention to those from responsible consumption, such as those guaranteed by the ‘pescadeRías’ collaborating seal ), a guided tour of the Massó Museum or a trip down the estuary in traditional boats with the Os Galos Association.

Accessibility for everyone

​​In this FICBUEU 2022 and following the line set in previous editions, accessibility measures were strengthened through the following proposals:

We communicate on our social networks and well in advance of the celebration of the festival everything related to the experience of attending the festival from the point of view of a person with special needs or reduced mobility in order to facilitate their planning.

In this sense, it should be noted that for the first time the festival’s website had a button that facilitates the use of different help tools to consult the contents and programming of the FICBUEU, as well as a ticket sales system both online and in person, attainable and simple for all the public.

On the other hand, the FICBUEU team was available to people with special needs to provide assistance in any situation, offering access and preferential locations.

Another of the organization’s commitments was to have a space without architectural barriers, carrying out all the activities of the 15th edition in fully accessible locations for people with reduced mobility, having ramps and elevators at their disposal.

Beyond the event, promoting an accessible culture is one of the key objectives of the work that the FICBUEU develops throughout the year in the different activities of its Social Area, among which the creation workshops stand out in collaboration with different associations and groups in risk of exclusion. In these programs, users learn to make a short film, going through all the phases of the project and using cinema as a tool for social cohesion, promoting creativity and teamwork. The pieces made in these workshops were premiered during the opening day of the 15th edition of the festival, taking advantage of the occasion to give voice and visibility to these people and their work.

Workshop group with Juan XXIII de Cangas during the opening of FICBUEU 2022
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The I Cinema Seminars brought the experiences of different film professionals to Bueu


This first edition was focused on the treatment of time in the cinema.

The Bueu International Film Festival launched in the 15th edition of this 2022 the new project of the Cinema Seminars, a space for reflection and thought on the art of cinema that brought together in Bueu several professionals from the sector (filmmakers, editors, critics or essayists) in a program centered, on this occasion, on temporality and the role it plays within the cinematographic language.

Under the name ‘I Cinema Seminars: sculpting time‘, a series of activities were carried out that made the audience and all those who followed the event via streaming through the FICBUEU Channel enjoy a special day to the passionate about cinema.

In this way, the person in charge of inaugurating the space was the researcher, essayist and filmmaker José Manuel Mouriño, who is also the representative and coordinator in the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America of the Andréi Tarkovski International Institute. Mouriño gave a master class on the treatment of time in the work of the Russian filmmaker, considered one of the masters in this aspect within the seventh art.

The morning session closed with a conversation between the film critics of Caimán – Cuadernos de Cine Andrea Morán and Daniela Urzola about different works and filmmakers, analyzing a wide variety of outstanding temporary resources throughout the history of cinema.

During the afternoon, an online round table was held on the rhythm and temporal realities that montage makes possible, moderated by Diana Ramahí. The Chilean director, producer and teacher Carolina Astudillo, the editor Ana Pfaff and the Galician filmmaker and editor Diana Toucedo participated. In the conversation they talked about the usual challenges when working on this aspect.

The penultimate activity featured one of today’s most relevant Galician filmmakers, Oliver Laxe, who participated in a meeting with the journalist Ángel Suanzes. In the talk, Suanzes made Laxe travel through his entire filmography, paying special attention to the evolution of the way in which the director worked this aspect of cinematographic language in each film.

Finally, for the closing of the I FICBUEU Cinema Seminars, the work ‘Zerkalo‘ by Andréi Tarkovski was screened, considered by critics to be one of the most representative pieces by the Russian filmmaker. In fact, the essay ‘Sculpting in time‘ by Tarkovsky is the one that inspired the name of this first edition of a new format that promises even more cinema in the following years.

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