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The best Dutch short films from Shortcutz Amsterdam at FICBUEU

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The best Dutch short films from Shortcutz Amsterdam at FICBUEU


The Shortcutz Amsterdam International Audience Award arrives in Bueu

Bueu, January 4th, 2023 – Shortcutz Amsterdam stands as one of the Netherlands’ premier platforms for emerging Dutch film talent, providing opportunities to showcase their work, connect with a national and international audience, and engage with established professionals in the industry.

Each year, in collaboration with global partners, Shortcutz Amsterdam invites audiences worldwide to choose their favourite Dutch short film of the year. Annually, the Audience Award showcases the top six nominees for Best Short Film of the Year through a global tour with 30 national and international collaborators.

Until January 19th, cinephiles can attend one of the screenings across the globe, from Berlin and London to Athens and Maputo, passing through Galicia for the first time. It will be on Friday, January 12th, at 9:00 PM when FICBUEU hosts the screening of these six films. 

The event will take place at the Centro Social do Mar de Bueu, where the festival is held every year. To attend, it is necessary to purchase tickets through the festival’s website ( or at the ticket office starting from 8:30 PM.

During the screening, the organization will provide the audience with ballots to participate in the global voting and choose the best short film of the session. The overall winner will be revealed at the 11th Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards on January 21, 2024.


The short films were selected by Shortcutz Amsterdam’s distinguished Jury Team, featuring industry luminaries such as producer Jan Harlan (‘The Shining’), Christopher Mack from Netflix International Originals, actress Elise Schaap (‘Ferry’), director Roel Reiné (‘Marvel’s Inhumans’), actress Willeke van Ammelrooy (‘Antonia’s Line’), director Eddy Terstall (‘Simon’), Head of Drama NTR Marina Blok, former Eye’s senior programmer and head of acquisitions René Wolf, actress Nora El Koussour (‘Layla M’), and street artist Laser 3.14.

A total of six short films of different genres:

  • A CAPPELLA IN D MINOR, Malu Janssen | Live-Action | 20’00’’

During a sultry summer evening, Stella and her ex-Paul host the parents of their son’s girlfriend, Annelies and Rindert, for dinner in their garden. It soon becomes apparent that the date was created to answer a question from the children: may they sleep together? As dusk sets in and the parents try to formulate a ready-made answer together, this short drama confronts them with their own experiences, their own projections and their parenting.

  • FLY, Patty Stenger | Animation | 02’25’’

Margot is neatly nursed by her daughter. But Margot doesn’t want to sit on the couch in a stain-resistant dress, waiting for her death. She wants another man in her life! She approaches men through personal ads in the newspaper. She wants to dance! And smoke! And drink! Her daughter lights a candle for her deceased father every day and angrily throws the men out of the house. She also tries to get rid of the increasing number of flies. In vain, the flies turn out to be Margot’s friends. And fly she will.

  • GNOMES, Ruwan Heggelman | Live-Action | 05’56’’

Unknowingly, a girl enters the habitat of a tribe of killer gnomes during her daily run. Lured by mysterious glowing mushrooms, she’ll soon wish she’d stayed on her usual tracks…

  • I’M NOT A ROBOT, Victoria Warmerdam | Live-Action | 20’00’’

After several unsuccessful attempts to complete a Captcha, feminist Lara sets out to answer the disturbing question of whether she’s a robot and, therefore, bought by her own boyfriend.

  • JAMMED, Isis Cabolet | Live-Action | 17:24

70-year-old Edith, who has fallen into social and mental isolation, comes into contact with an equally lonely young man, who, although they have absolutely nothing in common, rekindles the zest for life in her.

  • NEW BABYLON, Gideon van der Stelt | Experimental | 20’00’’

An impossible city is built up out of enormous rotating rings, steering the lives of its lonely inhabitants. NEW BABYLON follows three characters living secluded lives and is a visual trip through an oppressive night in which contemporary, individualistic life is reflected in a circular metropole.

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