Around 18,400 people attended the 12th Bueu International Short Film Festival from its inauguration on September 6th until Sunday 15th, when the 5 Star Tapas route ended. This new record, which surpasses last year’s by 3,000 attendees, is mainly due to the increase in screenings. If in 2018 there were around 5,000 spectators, on this occasion there were more than 6,600, including in this figure 1,500 students from a dozen schools in O Morrazo.

Almost all the passes from the International, Galicia and Spain sections, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies, hung the “no tickets” sign at the Centro Social do Mar.  As for the new Experimental and Retrospective sections, they reached the expected attendance at the Massó Museum. The participation in the parallel activities of FICBUEU 2019 was also significant, with around 3,000 people—of which approx. 1,300 were in the concerts, led by Enric Montefusco. The Mini-FIC, the talks, Miguel Lago’s monologue or the several radio programmes—which filled the capacity of the Meeting Point every afternoon—were among the complementary proposals to the screenings.

The 5 Star Tapas Route climbed to 7,600 diners in the ten participating establishments. In addition, there were other activities such as those for filmmakers. These enabled the guests to get to know the Isla de Ons, visit Cabo Udra or sail in the traditional boats of the Os Galos association. All along, nine intense days in which 65 activities were programmed, including projections and complementary proposals, all of this made possible thanks to the support of institutions, businesses and entities, highlighting the contributions of the Xunta de Galicia, the Deputación de Pontevedra and the Concello de Bueu.

FICBUEU association will restart its dynamic from next week with the film workshops that are given at the headquarters of Banda do Rio. The course for adults will take place on Tuesday afternoons while the classrooms for girls and boys will take place on Thursdays. In both cases, the participants will go through all the stages involved in creating a film, until they are able to shoot their own short film. Registration can be formalized at


The Romanesque short film ‘Cadoul de Crăciun’ was proclaimed last night winner of the 12th International Short Film Festival of Bueu (Pontevedra). It won the Golden Amphora, awarded 2,000 euros. The provisional mayor, Julio Villanueva, gave the award to Bogdan Mureșanu, filmmaker of the story that places us, with the help of black humour, before the repression of Ceaușescu. “This is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been: because of the people, because of the love of cinema, because of how everything is organized; I’ll leave this place with very good memories and many friends”, said the director. The film was also recognized with awards for Best Screenplay and Best Actor for the main character, Adrian Vancica.

The Silver Amphora (€1,000) went to ‘Lake of Hapiness’, a Belarus/German co-production directed by Aliaksei Paluyan. “This is one of the best festivals I attended, because people don’t see it as a job, but rather they do it with affection, and the audience doesn’t attend just because the films are interesting, but because the cinema connects us”, he said when received the award from the President of the Deputación de Pontevedra, Carmela Silva, who in her speech claimed the visibility of women and the Galician language. Aliaksei Paluyan had already been on stage on two occasions, to receive the awards for Best Artistic Director and Best Actress, this time for Anastasasiya Plyats. The director revealed with emotion that the main character of the film is also actually an orphan girl, who lives in a orphanage.

The director of the Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (Agadic), Jacobo Sutil, announced the long-awaited Audience Award for the animated film ‘Mémorable’, but not before “congratulating the FICBUEU for fulfilling two objectives: the promotion of audiovisual in short format and serve as a platform for dissemination for Galician creators”. The R Prize for the best Galician short film was for ‘La noche’, by Martín Romero, and was announced by Luís Cantón, representative of the communications company, and the director Andrés Goteira, member of the national jury. The Fundación Novas Award for the best Spanish short film was unveiled by the representative of this entity, Suso Portela. The award went to the Basque film ‘592 metroz goiti’ and was picked up by one of the actors, Javier Díez.

Each of these three prizes was worth 500 euros, as well as the Best Experimental Short Film which, as announced by one of the members of the jury in this category, Suso Novás, was for ‘Blue’, by the famous Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. The association of professional directors and production companies from Galicia awarded the CREA Prize to the best direction, amounting to 200 euros, which was given to the Canadian Jeremy Comte for ‘Fauve’.

Two other awards were given to the Swiss documentary ‘All inclusive’, which won Best Photography and Best Editing. Curiously, in the International Section there was a Finnish fiction work with the same title, ‘All inclusive’, recognised with the award for Best Music, that picked up actress Hannamaija Nikander. Again, two awards were won by the Australian film ‘Nursery Rhymes’ for Best Costume and Best Makeup/Hairstyle. Director Vasco Sá and animator Dimitrije Mihajlovic won the Best Sound award for the Portuguese short film ‘Agouro’.

All the winners returned to their countries with a trophy made by inmates of the Lama penitentiary, except for the first two prizes, which were given to the now traditional little amphora created by the ceramist Sandra Obarrio. The Closing Gala also connected with social reality through the opening video, supporting the struggle of the Ons Island neighbourhood. The demands were also noted in the speech of the director of FICBUEU, who after the acknowledgements claimed “that municipal spaces are equipped for the proper development of activities”. Manuel Pena, was “very proud of the support of the people of Bueu to the festival” and said to take into account the demand to incorporate more comedies.

The award ceremony, hosted by actor César Aldea with the company of Severiano Casalderrey at the piano, ended a closing day that included a talk on production, the crowded activities of the Mini-FIC and the Galician Schools Gala, in which the CEIP of Guillarei, the IES Cacheiras and the IES Audiovisual of Vigo were awarded. The family photo in front of the tapestry elaborated by the Asociación Cultural Alfombras de Corpus de Bueu put an end to nine days of activities and screenings enjoyed by thousands of people.

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