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The International Short Film Festival of Bueu started up in 2016 a new Social Area in order to contribute to the social and cultural development, encouraging values as respect, equality and solidarity. The project has been growing thanks to the support of Obra Social ”la Caixa” and nowadays its six lines of action permit to several communities enjoy the beneficial effects of the cinema.

Hospitalised children. The Paediatric Unit of the Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro (Vigo) offers now a cinema room for the children to attend monthly screenings with short films for them. The films have been specifically selected for their constructive values and attitudes at the same time that they bring something new to the daily routine of the patients and their families. Audio-visual professionals conduct the sessions where children are encouraged to learn new values.

Seniors. The users of the OAP day centres of Pescadoira and Contigo (Bueu) can now attend monthly screenings with short films adapted to their sociodemographic situation. The sessions are complemented by some activities for memory training, imagination stimulation and reflection about life experiences or current events; everything aimed at encouraging positive emotions. This way, the screenings become a mix between therapy and entertainment.

Prison inmates. The FICBUEU goes to the Centro Penitenciario A Lama once a month to screen several short films that have taken part in the festival. The inmates of module 2 can attend these screenings and participate in a colloquium afterwards so they can exchange their opinions about the main topic of the films. The purpose is to share experiences and discuss the problems that the inmates have to face in prison every day.

Gypsy youth. Teenagers of the Fundación Secretariado Xitano (Vigo) are learning how to make their own short film, going through all the necessary steps: script, production, shooting… The aim is to use cinema so that the gypsy community –especially women– can raise their voices in a way that allows them to create a story and share it with the world using images.

Intellectual disability. A group from the Asociación con Eles (Rial, Vilagarcía de Arousa), attends a cinema workshop where they can explore every step of film production and, eventually, shoot their own short film. This way, disabled people can grow at a personal level and improve their psychomotor, creativity and communication skills at the same time that the Social Area promotes social and labour inclusion.

Down Syndrome. The users from Xuntos Asociación Síndrome de Down (Pontevedra) also attend a guided four-month course. It is taught by cinema professionals and people from the centre who will provide them all the necessary tools to create the project. The resulting films from the three workshops will be screened at FICBUEU 2019 where the students will be able to show their work.

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