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The Bueu International Film Festival will present a spotlight on (LA)HORDE collective at the MARCO in Vigo

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The Bueu International Film Festival will present a spotlight on (LA)HORDE collective at the MARCO in Vigo


On Thursday, June 22, the FICBUEU will screen a session dedicated to the French collective (LA)HORDE at the MARCO in Vigo, free of charge. Entry is free-of-charge until seating capacity is reached

Bueu, June 7, de 2023 — The FICBUEU will organize an event this month of June featuring a unique screening session in collaboration with MARCO, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vigo. The initiative aims to promote the short films of (LA)HORDE, an artistic collective founded in 2013 by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel. 

Leading the Ballet National de Marseille since September 2019, this collective creates choreographic works, films, video installations, and performances, with the moving body as the central focus of their work. Through the interaction and juxtaposition of different mediums, they develop scenarios and actions that address radically contemporary themes and issues.

The session, with an approximate duration of 45 minutes, will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of MARCO in Vigo, with an introductory presentation by the FICBUEU team, providing an overview of the collective’s trajectory and body of work.

GHOSTS: a short film by (LA)HORDE with the National Ballet of Marseille, soundtrack by Rone and screenplay by Spike Jonze, filmed at the Palais Longchamp in Marseille. When the Museum of Fine Arts closes, the figures take over the deserted place, embracing and tearing each other apart, as if they wanted to reclaim their bodies… until they encounter the night guard.

A ROOM WITH A VIEW: in this music video, (LA)HORDE continues to explore ways of protesting and rebelling through dance. The video and motion capture allow the representation of the unimaginable, questioning physical relationships with the group with more violence and strangeness through possible collapses.

CULTES: this film captures a specific moment of the manifestation of worship, which translates into ritualized practices, behaviours, collective ecstasy, and mass consumption. Is the body, its excitement and celebration the stronghold for this mass consumption? Can this state transcend the uncritical space in which it unfolds?

NOVACÈRIES: a combination of film, performance, and homemade video that transcends dance films, presenting a choreographic and metaphysical portrait of the post-industrial world by reinterpreting post-internet dance.

The choice of (LA)HORDE as the protagonist for this screening is due to both the quality of their work and the regular presence of their short films in the Discoveries Section of the festival in recent editions. In September 2023, FICBUEU will celebrate its 16th edition from September 9th to 23rd, bringing a series of screenings and activities related to international cinema to Bueu once again.

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Bueu International Film Festival presents the first edition of the FICBUEU Residency


The FICBUEU Residency establishes itself as a new space for creation and training that will take place in October on the Island of Ons

Bueu, May 22, 2023FICBUEU announced today the first edition of its new initiative, a residency for filmmakers that will be held from October 9th to 15th on the Island of Ons. It is a training program dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of short films in their development stage, in which different prestigious professionals will personally accompany and mentor each project.

As highlighted by the organization, this program “comes as a result of the new phase that started with the 15th anniversary of the festival. A phase in which the organization aims to expand its work promoting short films and cinema beyond the dates of the festival.”.

The inaugural edition of the FICBUEU Residency will be mentored by renowned screenwriter Isabel Peña, who holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarra and specialized in Screenwriting from ESCAC. She received the Goya Award in 2019 and the Feroz Award in 2019 for the screenplay of the film “El reino” (2018), as well as the Goya Award in 2023 and the Medal of the Circle of Film Writers in 2023 for the feature film “As bestas” (2022). She is also co-writer of films such as “Stockholm” (2013) and “Que Dios nos perdone” (2016), for which she won the Jury Award for Best Screenplay at the San Sebastián Film Festival. 

Throughout a week, Peña will conduct individual sessions with each of the authors for the revision and progress of their works, as well as group meetings to foster synergies and collaborative work.

In addition to individual mentoring and group exchange spaces, the residency will offer residents specific training in areas such as gender perspective in screenwriting (taught by Carmen Ávalos), visual effects from the project’s inception (with Pablo Lamosa from Cormorán VFX), and new distribution models (taught by Elena Neira). This way, the residents will be able to expand their knowledge on different aspects and stages inherent to the full development of their projects.

As the final phase of the I FICBUEU Residency project, the organization will select one of the participating scripts for development, which will be carried out through a collaboration agreement with a Galician production company.

This first edition of the FICBUEU Residency is funded by the Xunta de Galicia, through the General Secretariat for Equality and the Galician Agency for Cultural Industries. At the event, which took place on one of the Nabia boats that will transport the residents to the Ons Island in October, the director of AGADIC, Jacobo Sutil, highlighted “the favourable moment that the Galician audiovisual industry is experiencing” and the “relevance of initiatives like the FICBUEU Residency that support the short film format from the development phase”. Meanwhile, Susana López, the Secretary of Equality, emphasized “the organization’s work in its commitment to equality” as well as “the joint efforts with AGADIC to promote gender perspective in creative endeavours”.

The submission period for proposals is now open and will extend until June 15th. A professional jury will be responsible for evaluating each of the proposals, which will be announced during the 16th edition of FICBUEU in September.

All information and documentation regarding the call for submissions is available on the festival’s website

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Cinema arrives in Galician schools with workshops and screenings through the program “Cinema with Perspective”


Forty educational centers throughout Galicia will benefit from screenings and workshops for creating short films in the “Cinema with Perspective” program of the Department of Education of the Xunta de Galicia.

Bueu, April 11, 2023 — The Bueu Film Festival is expanding its reach with an initiative of the Xunta de Galicia to bring workshops and screenings to schools throughout Galicia. Over the next few months, students from 40 different educational centers will be able to enjoy an experience that will allow them to get closer to the world of cinema.

Nenas e nenos nun obradoiro do FICBUEU

Under the name “Cinema with Perspective”, the program aims to promote equality, interest in cinema, and audiovisual education among young Galicians through two types of activities.

In order to work and think on gender and social equality, sessions will be held for screening short films followed by a discussion and analysis of the films, providing students with the tools to identify values and understand the messages conveyed through films, comparing opinions and debating the role of women in society and the issues that exist in this area.

During the workshops, students will have the opportunity to learn different aspects of cinema, such as direction, acting, production, or editing of films, by making a short film to put into practice the tools and concepts of cinematic language that the FICBUEU team will provide.

Starting next week, the organization will begin the program that will run until the end of the school year in the selected educational centers:

Screening sessions:

  • IES As Barxas 
  • IES Plurilingüe a Paralaia
  • CEIP de Seara
  • IES Illa de Ons
  • IES Monte Carrasco
  • IES A Guía
  • CEIP Plurilingüe Párroco Don Camilo
  • CEIP Plurilingüe A Doblada
  • CEIP Serra-Vincios
  • IES Plurilingüe Terra de Turonio
  • CEIP Doutor Suárez
  • IES de Cotobade
  • IES Faro das Lúas
  • IES A Basella
  • IES do Barral
  • CPI Plurilingüe Dr. López Suárez
  • IES Ánxel Fole
  • IES Enrique Muruais
  • CEIP Plurilingüe de Vilar de Barrio
  • IES Xermán Ancochea Quevedo
  • IES Canido
  • CEIP Couceiro Freijomil 
  • CEIP Plurilingüe de Centieiras
  • CEIP Plurilingüe de Outes
  • CEIP A Maía
  • IES Eduardo Pondal
  • CEIP Eduardo Pondal 
  • CEIP Francisco Vales Villamarín
  • IES Francisco Aguiar
  • CEIP Plurilingüe Víctor López Seoane

Creation workshops:

  • IES Monte Castelo
  • CPI de Zas
  • IES de Beade
  • CEIP Nosa Señora de Lourdes
  • IES Illa de San Simón
  • CPI Plurilingüe José García García
  • CEE O Pedroso
  • CEIP Virxe do Rocío
  • CEIP Fermín Bouza Brey
  • IES de Meaño 

FICBUEU appreciates the collaboration and participation of all schools, as well as the Department of Education, in their commitment to audiovisual education and promoting equality.

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