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The French short film ‘L’enfant salamandre’ wins the First Prize for Best Short Film at the closing ceremony of the 15th edition of FICBUEU


Five other awards were given, in addition to the Galician Cinema Award to Miguel de Lira.

The French short film ‘L’enfant salamandre‘ by Théo Degen was chosen as the winner of the Official Section at the 15th edition of the Bueu International Film Festival, taking the First Prize and an economic amount of 2,000 euros. The Vice Mayor of Bueu Council, Julio Villanueva, was in charge of delivering the award after the announcement made by Luis E. Parés on behalf of the Official Jury. The short tells the story of Florian, a 15-year-old boy who thinks he can communicate with the dead through fire, which makes his neighbors think he’s a freak. One day, by force of being called a monster, he ends up becoming one.

The Second Prize and an amount of 1,000 euros went to the Romanian short film ‘Interfon 15‘ by Andrei Epure, with the award being presented by the Deputy for Tourism and Youth of the Pontevedra Provincial Council, Ana Laura Iglesias. Luis E. Parés, again representing the Official Jury, was in charge of announcing the name of the winning work. ‘Interfon 15’ is about several people who discover an unconscious woman lying in front of her block. Although the woman lives on the third floor, no one knows her name, which leads them to reflect on the life of her neighbor and their own.

María Ruíz-Falcó and Nerea Lores, representing the FICBUEU, were in charge of introducing the Audience Award, which on this occasion went to Dutch production ‘Vlekkeloos‘ by Emma Branderhorst. On the other hand, the Galicia R award for the best Galician work was communicated by Pepe Coira, member of the National Jury, who gave way to the director of the R company, Alfredo Ramos, in charge of making the delivery. In this edition there were two winning pieces ex aequo, ‘Rompente‘ by Eloy Domínguez Serén and ‘El sembrador de estrellas‘ by Lois Patiño. The two recognitions, both that of the Public and the Galicia R, have an economic endowment of 500 euros.

Pepe Coira was also the member of the jury that revealed and gave the award for Best Spanish Short Film of this edition, with a reward of 500 euros, which went to ‘Alopècia Androgènica‘ by Salvador Sunyer, with a Special Mention for ‘Harta‘ by Júlia de Paz. Helena Girón, as part of the Discoveries Jury, was the one who revealed the name of the winning film in the same category, awarded to Stéphanie Lagarde for ‘Minimal sway while starting my way up’ and which received the same financial amount as in the cases previous. In this category there were also two Special Mentions for ‘Anxious Body‘ by Yoriko Mizushiri and ‘Train Again‘ by Peter Tscherkassky.

To finish, the 2022 Galician Cinema Award was also presented at the event to Miguel de Lira, who will reflect on the contest and his own career in an interview with the journalist Gaspar Broullón that can be seen through the FICBUEU Channel.

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