Rules FICBUEU 2019 -

The 12th Bueu International Short Film Festival will take placefrom September 6th – September 14th,2019. Festival will aim to promote the best short films made in the last two years in the international scene.

The festival is organized by the cultural association FICBUEU.


Only films completed on or after 1st January 2018 are eligible for entry into the 2018 Festival competitions. Any producer or filmmaker of any nationality who owns the rights to the films being submitted are eligible for the International Short Film Competition on the condition that they are over 18 years.

The festival is open to all genres short films up to thirty (30) minutes in length, credits included. Each participant may submit as many films as desired.

Films previously submitted to the Bueu International Short Film Festival are NOT eligible.

Short Films must be presented in their original language. If the language is not Spanish (Castilian) or Galician, it must have English subtitles (and optional in Spanish if possible) or the original script and a translation to Spanish or English must be included attached to your online form.

The short film can be shot in any format, but it is necessary to have a digital copy to project.

The organization reserves the right to refuse a work by poor picture or sound quality.

Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry into the Festival and to use all music, images, and content in the entry. Under no circumstances shall the organization accept any responsibility that might arise due to the infraction of this clause.

Works that do not meet any of these requirements will be rejected.

Unless Festival requires, short films will be only received in

Once presented the film and accepted the rules, cannot be removed it from the program or to demand money for its display.


Submission will be in shortfilmdepot platform where conditions are specified.

Deadlinefor submitting short films:

15th April 2019– 14:00 (local time – UTC/GMT +1h). Late applications will not be accepted.

FICBUEU guarantees that your film will never be used in any way other than preview mode for the selection process and will not be available online to the public.

Short films will be selected from among all the films received:

  • International Section
  • Panorama Section
  • Galician Section*
  • Spanish Section
  • Experimental Section
  • Juniors Section
  • Children Section
  • Schools Section

* In order to be considered as a “Galician short film”, entries must meet one of the following conditions:

  1. The original language is Galician.
  2. The short film has been produced or co-produced by a Galician entity.
  3. Short films whose technical and art department are composed by, at least, 70% Galician people.
  4. If the filmmakers are in training stage, the work of anyone born or resident in Galicia who has directed a work in a Galician academic or training institution will be accepted.
  5. Eventually, the festival can admiss a shottfilm because of his special relationship with galician culture.

All submitted works will compete for entering the official section. Once that section is completed, the remaining sections will be configured. Approximately, the sessions will last 80 minutes.

Selected works will be screened up to 3 times during the festival. The selection will be announced by e-mail on June.

Selected works will send an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) by e-mail containing:

  • Teaser of the selected work for promotional purposes.
  • Promotional poster and three representative pictures of the film (300ppi).
  • Synopsis of the short film in Spanish (Castilian) and English.
  • Photography of the director. With the same characteristics described above.
  • Track record
  • Director’s Filmography
  • If the short film was released in Spain and Galicia.
  • Web page and Facebook.
  • Film rating age.

Selected films and the EPK must be sent before July 1st, 2019 at 14:00h (local time – GMT +1).

The organization reserves the right to refuse a film due to lack of required materials or documentation.

By signing the entry form, the filmmaker gives the Bueu International Short Film Festival permission to use all submitted promotional materials, including but not limited to film stills, descriptions, director’s biography and film screening history in any and all forms of media for the express purpose of festival promotion and publicity.
For promotional reasons, the materials about the film (including stills), the film trailer or clips sent by the producer may be made available to the media, television stations or partner Internet portals on the conditions defined in the online entry form.
Participants are not entitled to claim rental or other fees for the screenings of their films at the festival.


FICBUEU Association shall appoint the members of the Selection Committee, selected among specialists linked to the Festival as well as the members of the different Juries.

International Jury: With an international nature this jury will be composed of a minimum of three members involved in the world of cinema and culture. Besides it will have parity of composition. This jury will decide the Ánfora de Oro and Plata (first and second award) and the technical awards.

National Jury: With an international nature this jury will be composed of a minimum of three members involved in the world of cinema and culture. Besides it will have parity of composition. This jury will decide the Best Galician Short Film, and Best Spanish Short Film.

Schools Jury: With an international nature this jury will be composed of a minimum of three members involved in the world of cinema and culture. Besides it will have parity of composition. This jury will decide the Best Educational Centre Short Film, Best High School Short Film and Best School Short Film .

The judges reserve the right to declare void any of the awards. They can also decide to award a prize ex aequo, this shall be divided in equal parts.


Films selected for the International Section will be eligible for the following awards:

First Prize “Gold amphora”: 2.000 € and trophy.
Second Prize “Silver amphora”: 1.000 € and trophy.
Audience Award: 500 € and Medallion

Best Director: Medallion.
Best Screenplay: Medallion.
Best Actress: Medallion.
Best Actor: Medallion.
Best Cinematography: Medallion.
Best Art Direction: Medallion.
Best Costume Design: Medallion.
Best Makeup / Hairdressing: Medallion.
Best Sound: Medallion.
Best Editing: Medallion.
Best Music: Medallion.


The Short Films in some of the other sections will be eligible for the following:

Audience Award: 500 € and Medallion

Best Galician Short Film *: 500 € and Medallion.
Best Spanish Short Film: 500 € and Medallion.
Best Educational Centre Short Film: 250 € and Medallion.

Best High School Short Film: 150 € and Medallion.

Best School Short Film: 150 € and Medallion.


Prizes shall be paid out to the person or production company whose name appears on the registered Entry Form.

The production and distribution companies also give permission for FIC and related free activities to use the selected films in the next 12 months after the festival, as well as in the special section that will screen the films in private TV channel “R Television” (from our sponsor R Cable y Telecomunicaciones) during a month. All this projections will be previously communicated to the authors and owners of the work.

All prizes shall be subject to the taxes stipulated by law. The final amount of the awards will be determined once all taxes and other transfer costs to the winner are deducted.

The cash prizes awarded by the festival are financially supported, directly, in aid received from different public and/or private administrations, so the payment could delay up to 3 months.


The representatives of the short films selected in the International Section, Spain Section and Galicia Section will be invited to attend the festival. In case of not attending, the short film would remain in the program, but it would not be in the track record.

When the days of permanence in the festival have been determined, with the consequent booking of a flight and accommodation, it cannot be modified under any circumstances. In the event that for reasons of force you cannot attend, you must justify it.


The submission and participation of a film in the Festival imply acceptance of the Rules and Regulations for participation. Besides, the Jury decisions are not subject to appeal.

These regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

These rules are available in Galician, Spanish and English. For any difficulty regarding its interpretation the reference text is Galician.

For any questions or information: +34 986 32 41 91 (10am to 1pm) or


The organisation guarantees that all personal data in the entrants’ file shall be dealt with according to article 12 of the Organic Law, 13 September 1999, regarding Personal Data Protection (LOPD).

FICBUEU- Montero Ríos 191 Ground floor- 36930- Bueu (Pontevedra) Galicia – Spain.