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Beyond the festival

The FICBUEU Film Association is a non-profit cultural entity in the audiovisual field. It was founded in 2016, and is now in charge of organising the FICBUEU Film Festival. Over the years, the structure of the association has been gradually professionalised through the hiring of permanent staff, which has allowed us to undertake activities all year round, all of which are directly related to cinema.

We organise screenings, talks, creative workshops, amongst other cultural activities, usually in collaboration with other institutions or groups. Thus, we have collaborated with public institutions —both mainstream (city councils, the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, the Government of Galicia, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Health…) and cultural institutions (film libraries, museums…)—, as well as with private entities (film and music festivals, film clubs, social organisations, etc.).


In 2016 we launched our very own social area, a line of work directed exclusively towards vulnerable groups, in which we use cinema as an educational tool and for social cohesion. We also aim to contribute to the social and cultural development of our community, promoting values like respect, equality and solidarity.

In its first five years, the FICBUEU Social Area has collaborated with social initiative entities such as ADICAM (the Association of Patients Diagnosed with Breast Cancer), from Cangas; the Xuntos Down Syndrome Association, from Pontevedra; the Juan XXIII Association; and the Con Eles Association, from Vilagarcía. We have also collaborated with public services, such as the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions, at the A Lama prison; the Galician Health Service, at the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital; the Ministry of Education, at the Special Education Centres in Vilagarcía and Panxón —where we worked with students with severe conduct disorders—; and with the State Department for Social Services, at the Bergondo CPAP (the Centre for the Promotion of Autonomy), among others.



In order to promote cinema as an educational tool, we have collaborated on numerous occasions with the Ministries of Culture, Education and Universities to organise activities in a large number of schools over the past five years.

Such activities go from screenings to colloquia, as well as the organisation of different informative and educational talks.

Here is a list of some of the schools and high schools where the FICBUEU Association has organised activities: in Bueu, IES Illa de Ons, CEIP P. A Pedra and IES Johan Carballeira; CEIP Nazaret, in Cangas; IES Salvaterra do Miño; in Villagarcía, CEIP Vilaxoán; in Marín, CEIP Sequelo; in Pontevedra, IES Sánchez Cantón, CEIP Sobrada Tomiño and IES Xunqueira II; in Campo Lameiro, CEIP Pedro Antonio Cerviño; and, in Vigo, CEIP Vilaboa and Colegio Labor.


In order to contribute to the dissemination of cinema —and short films in particular—, FICBUEU spreads its programming throughout the year with collaborations with other festivals, public and private entities, associations, and so on, for which it organises screenings and other types of activities.

In cooperation with the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, we work with teenagers from the Príncipe Felipe Centre, where we organise short film screenings to discuss topics such as nutrition, sexuality, gender-based violence and climate change.

We have also collaborated with several film societies, in order to draw more attention to short films — we have organised short film screenings at the Rebobina Film Society, in Porriño; Alice Guy Film Society, in Nigrán; or Padre Feijoo Film Society, in Ourense. 

We have also organised screenings at the Galician Film Library (CGAI) and have participated in different sessions, such as the ‘Marxes Fílmicas’ series at the Ethnological Museum of Ribadavia, the ‘Film and Medicine’ series of the Medical College of Ourense or the ‘Short Film and Nature’ series in Cabo Udra, organised by the City Council of Bueu.

In a move to promote cooperation between festivals, we have worked hand in hand with festivals like: AVANCA International Film Festival, El Meu Primer Festival, the Pontevedra Flop Festival, the Ames International Children’s Film Festival, Ambienta — LGBTIQA + International Film Festival, the SonRías Baixas Festival, etc. 

We are also a founding member of Proxecta — Coordinadora Galega de Festivais de Cinema, and have actively participated in its board of directors since its creation.


Apart from collaborating with other entities, the FICBUEU Association organises film courses throughout the year at our headquarters in Bueu, allowing anyone to experience the audiovisual creation process.

Since 2018, we have held workshops for both children and adults that have resulted in the following works:

curtametraxes dos obradoiros da asociación ficbueu