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6 things you should know about the 16th edition of the Festival

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6 things you should know about the 16th edition of the Festival


1. A structure that is committed to film culture

FICBUEU is cinema and culture. That is why the word, dialogue and the dissemination of knowledge about film have a prominent place at the start of the Festival. After the opening noiche, with the concert by Chungo Pastel -Friday 8th-, Saturday will be devoted to a master class by the researcher, teacher and music photographer Nieves Febrer, meetings and talks on film. There will also be a colloquium on 20,000 species of bees, the Spanish film that has triumphed so far this year at festivals such as Hong Kong, the Berlinale and Malaga. The screening of the feature film will be the first of FICBUEU2023.

The following days will see the arrival of the Festival’s official competition and the Minific, designed to bring films closer to local children.


2. The Official Section grows.

From this year, the Official Section of FICBUEU will have 6 screenings, one more than in the last editions of the Festival. The former Galicia and Spain sections are incorporated into the Official Selection.


3. Radio is back.

Since its beginnings, the Festival has been committed to the radio format to disseminate film culture. Cultural and other programmes specialising in cinema were broadcast from Bueu, coinciding with the Festival, for years. It stopped, for reasons of force majeure, due to Covid-19. Up to 5 podcasts and radio programmes will be broadcast this year from the Festival.


4. Ficpaper. Starting from criticism.

In collaboration with the audiovisual criticism website A Cuarta Parede, there will be daily room sheets with information on the contents of the sessions.


5. GZ_0.0.

A new section for the diffusion of new cinematographic talents from Galicia. The screenings will take place on Sunday 10th at 19.30. From 9 p.m. onwards, the public will be able to talk to the directors of the films.


6. Luisa Merelas will receive the FICBUEU Galician Cinema Award.

Actress Luisa Merelas has accumulated a career of nearly four decades of acting in Galicia, both in theatre and in cinema and television. This year, the Festival is dedicating the FICBUEU Galician Cinema Award to her.

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FICBUEU returns this weekend with the best international short films and a cultural offer more supportive and inclusive


I From this Friday until Saturday 23rd, 89 films from around thirty countries will be screened, and there will be concerts, workshops, talks with filmmakers, live radio podcasts and special programming for children with the MiniFIC

I The Festival reinforces its social commitment with a campaign to collect feminine hygiene products to raise awareness of menstrual poverty and the launch of a children’s playroom to promote family conciliation.

BUEU (PONTEVEDRA). 06.08.2023. The International Film Festival of Bueu, the FICBUEU, is warming up. The short film contest, which every year from O Morrazo shows the new tendencies of cinematographic creation and auteur cinema, returns this Friday with a complete programme that will take place in the Pontevedra’s village until next Saturday 23rd. Its sixteenth edition was presented today at the Peirao do Atilio, in the Paseo da Pescadoría, in a ceremony with the directors of the Festival, Manuel Pena, María Ruiz-Falcó and Nerea Lores, and in which also participated Jacobo Sutil, director of the Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (AGADIC); Luís López, president of the Deputación de Pontevedra; and Carmen García, councillor of Culture of Bueu. The three institutions support and make the event possible.

FICBUEU, one of the Galician festivals with the greatest trajectory and impact, brings back the best selection of international short films produced last year. In the Auditorium of the Centro Social do Mar in Bueu –epicentre of the festival’s activities– 89 films from around thirty countries from the five continents will be screened. 28 of them are competing in the «Official Selection» and many have already won awards in recent months at the most important festivals in the world, such as Venice, Cannes, San Sebastian, Berlin, Clermont-Ferrand and Sundance. Galicia will also be very present at the Festival: there are four short films produced or directed in the region in competition in the «Official Selection» and half a dozen more in the space called «GZ_00», dedicated exclusively to Galician creations.

The Festival’s programme also includes talks and master classes with filmmakers and professionals from the audiovisual sector, workshops, concerts, the live broadcasting of five radio podcasts specialising in film, street activities and a special offer for children with the MiniFIC.


Working for the Galician audiovisual industry throughout the year

But if there is one thing that characterises FICBUEU, it is its firm commitment to the continuous promotion of culture. The event is, in fact, the culmination of a work of cultural and film dissemination that takes place throughout the year with activities such as Cinema Circulante –with screenings, talks, musical performances and workshops related to Galician culture and for all audiences–, the screening of short films on the shortest day of the year or the “FICBUEU Residence”, a programme of creation and training that seeks to provide an outlet for screenplay projects and promote the short films of new female and male authors. The first edition will take place from 9 to 15 October on the Illa de Ons and will be tutored by Isabel Peña, scriptwriter of films such as As bestas or El reino.


Commitment to people

Support for values such as equality, integration and respect is another of the key elements of FICBUEU, which makes it a different kind of event marked by its commitment to people. The Festival demonstrates this more than ever in this edition. It will kick off this Friday with the premiere of the short film made in recent months by users of the ITA Verducido with the help of the festival organisers. A children’s toy library will be set up to favour family conciliation, thus becoming the first Galician film festival with this service. And, while FICBUEU lasts, there will be a campaign to collect feminine hygiene products – which will then be donated together with the food delivered to the Fesbal (Spanish Federation of Food Banks) bank in Bueu– with the aim of helping to raise awareness of the menstrual poverty suffered by many women in the world. It is also FICBUEU’s response to the message sent by its audience, who last year awarded a short film with this theme, Spotless, by the Dutch filmmaker Emma Branderhorst. 

FICBUEU will also be a reality this year thanks to the support of the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed with European Next Generation funds, which joins the event through the Government of Spain’s Digital Kit Programme.

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FICBUEU will become the first Galician film festival with a free toy library to facilitate work-life balance


I The new service will attend to children from 3 to 10 years old and will be available between 11 and 16 September, in the afternoon, at the Centro Social do Mar in Bueu

03.09.2023. Following in the footsteps of major international film festivals such as Berlin, Cannes or San Sebastian, and in line with its social commitment, the Bueu International Film Festival, or FICBUEU, will become in this edition an event in favour of family conciliation with the creation of a toy library for children from 3 to 10 years old. Its aim is to facilitate the attendance of mothers and fathers to the screenings of the programmed short films and also to the cultural activities related to the event, which will take place between the 8th and the 23rd of September in Bueu (Pontevedra).

This new playroom is a pioneering service in film festivals held in Galicia and has the support of the Xunta de Galicia’s Secretaría Xeral da Igualdade. «The experience and contact with our regular audience tell us that on many occasions their presence at the festival is conditioned by having to look after the minors in their care. That is why we are promoting this new initiative, to promote equal access to culture», say the organisers of FICBUEU.

The toy library will be free and will have 15 places, which will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. It will be located in the Centro Social do Mar in Bueu –the venue where the festival is held every year– and will be open from Monday 11th September until Saturday 16th September, from 17.30 to 21.00. The children’s leisure area will be supervised by FICBUEU staff and will have games (some of them made and donated by the Juan XXIII Association of Cangas), stories and books, creative activities and also a rest area.

With this service, families will be able to enjoy the festival’s programme aimed at older audiences with the peace of mind that children will be well looked after, entertained «and sharing group time». «Work-life balance is a recurring theme, but one that is almost always forgotten when it comes to leisure and cultural activities for adults. It is important to raise awareness and to do it with facts», says the organisation.


Short films, discussions, music or radio

FICBUEU, which every year showcases new trends in film creation and auteur cinema, will celebrate its 16th edition with the screening of 89 short films from around thirty countries from the five continents, of which 28 will participate in the «Official Selection». The selection of films will be completed with those that can be seen in the categories «GZ_00», «International Schools», «Discoveries», «Retrospective» (dedicated this year to the Dutch documentary short filmmaker Joris Ivens), «Galician Schools» and «Family Shorts». There will also be discussions with filmmakers, talks and master classes, concerts, workshops and live radio programmes. 

The awards event of FICBUEU 2023 will take place on Saturday 16th (23.00) at the Auditorium of the Centro Social do Mar in Bueu. One of the prizes will be the FICBUEU Galician Cinema Award, which in this edition will be given to Luisa Merelas, actress of well-known series and films such as Pratos Combinados, Fariña, Los lunes al sol or As bestas.

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FICBUEU pays tribute this year to Joris Ivens, pioneer of socially conscious documentary filmmaking


I Poet, militant, adventurer and war chronicler facets of the Dutch director will be shown with a retrospective screening of four of his most emblematic short films: «Regen», «Borinage», «Indonesia Calling» and «Le ciel, la terre»

I The festival will also dedicate its fourth monograph to the figure of Ivens, who made more than fifty films in twenty countries

BUEU. 27.08.2023. FICBUEU 2023 will pay tribute in its 16th edition to the figure of the Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens, one of the greatest documentary filmmakers of all time. The Bueu International Film Festival, which will be held between 8 and 23 September, will dedicate a monograph to Ivens –the NotebookFICBUEU#4– and its «Retrospective Section», with the screening of four of his most representative short films.

The author of NotebookFICBUEU#4 dedicated to Ivens, and programmer of the event too, Severiano Casalderrey, explains that «at the festival we want important works from the world of short films to be known and this year we chose Ivens because he is one of the pioneers of documentary film and a key figure in history». FICBUEU is committed to auteur cinema and new trends. And also for cultural and cinematographic spreading. Hence the publication of the notebooks and the inclusion of the «Retrospective Section» in its programme.

The gaze that documented the changes and crises of the 20th century

Ivens (Nijmegen, 1898-Paris, 1989) witnessed with his camera the most important social changes, crises, wars and revolutions of the 20th century. His filmography spans more than fifty films, shot over six decades: from his first short film, the western The Burning Arrow, which he made with his father when he was only 13, to his last, A Tale of Wind, about China, which he filmed shortly before his death.

Book and retrospective go hand in hand at FICBUEU. The publication, entitled The expansion of the documentary through the short films of Joris Ivens (1898 – 1989), will be presented at the Centro Social do Mar in Bueu on Saturday 16th (11.30 a.m.) and will be on sale on the FICBUEU website and during the event. Four chapters are dedicated to highlight four different facets of the Dutch director. 

The first is that of «poetic filmmaker», influenced by the artistic avant-garde of the beginning of the last century. The short film that will open the screening of the «Retrospective Section», which will take place on Sunday 17th (18.00 p.m.), dates from this period. It is Regen, from 1929, an abstract, experimental and lyrical exploration of the effects of rain in a modern city like Amsterdam.

Critical and committed

Another of the aspects to be addressed in this approach to Ivens is his activist side. The filmmaker, of communist ideology since he lived for a time in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, contributed a committed perspective to the history of documentary filmmaking, always from the point of view of the people in struggle against the oppression of the system. In fact, social conscience was a permanent driving force in his life –for example, a few days before his death, at the age of 91, he took part in a massive protest in Paris against the massacres in Tiananmen Square– and also in his audiovisual production. «His militancy is directly reflected in his works», says Severiano Casalderrey, «and we always find some critical element in his films». The short film to be shown at the festival is Borinage (1933), about the Belgian mining strikes, in which Ivens denounced misery and proletarian exploitation.

The Flying Dutchman

FICBUEU audience will also be able to discover the adventurous and travelling side of this director, «a restless person, always on the move», who filmed in some twenty countries on five continents. This facet is represented in the third film included in the screening, Indonesia Calling (1947). With this film, Ivens supported the pro-independence movement in this Asian country when it was still a Dutch colony. «He was repudiated by his own country for twenty years because of this documentary, and that increased the concept of him as a wandering Dutchman», Casalderrey points out.

The last side that FICBUEU will explore of the figure of Ivens is the most journalistic: that of war chronicler. The Dutch filmmaker filmed almost all of them: the Spanish Civil War (in the documentary Land of Spain, 1937, with the narrating voice of Ernest Hemingway and the collaboration of Orson Welles), the Second World War, the Cuban Revolution or the Vietnam War, the setting for Le ciel, la terre, which he filmed in 1966 and closes the Festival’s «Retrospective Section». «His images of the main conflicts are a portrait of the last century around the world», summarises Casalderrey of Joris Ivens, who always based his work on the importance of the social function of cinema, as well as on honesty, ideological freedom and the search for truth as essential conditions for documentary filmmakers.


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The FICBUEU warms up projectors with two cinema sessions on the beach this Wednesday night


BUEU. Pontevedra. Spain. 22.08.2023. This Wednesday night, Banda do Río beach, in Bueu, becomes a movie theater. The International Film Festival of BUEU, the FICBUEU, will screen in two sessions and from 10 pm some of the best short films that were part of its programming in the last editions. The choice of films was made around a thematic axis: summer and travel. From Praia da Bando do Río, the public will be able to tour the summer of the world through cinema.

A praia da Banda do Río, en Bueu, acollerá as proxeccións do FICBUEU

The screenings are organized in two sessions: one with films recommended for all audiences, from 10 p.m.; and a second one that starts at 11 p.m. and in which short films recommended for those over 16 will be screened. The organizers suggest the public to bring chairs, blankets, towels or support items to accommodate themselves during the short walks on the sand.

A Festival for a territory

The promotion of culture and the territory in which the Festival takes place, Bueu and the bisbarra do Morrazo, are two of the raison d’être of the FICBUEU. Hence the organization of these projections, which come to join the activities that the FICBUEU Association, which organizes the Festival, develops throughout the year both in terms of cultural dissemination and support for creators.

The Bueu International Film Festival reaches its big days from next September 8. Its audience will be able to learn about the most recent global trends in auteur cinema. 89 films from 30 countries on five continents will be screened. Some of them arrive in Bueu after going through major world film events such as the Oscar Awards (USA) or the Cannes Festival (France). Tickets for the next edition of the FICBUEU can be bought online from the next few days.

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Two juries made up of well-known and recognized professionals from the world of national and international cinema will be in charge of choosing the short films that will enter the list of winners of FICBUEU 2023. The Festival, which reaches its sixteenth edition showing the new trends in cinematographic creation, will screen from September 8, at the Social Center of the Sea in the town of Bueu, Pontevedra (Spain), about 90 short-format films from around thirty countries on five continents.

This year’s official jury is made up of the film producer and distributor Silvia Lobo, from Elamedia Estudios – one of the main Spanish audiovisual services companies, who participated in films such as La vida era eso or Luna Roja, in the documentary Trinta lumes or in series like Antidisturbios or Patria–; also the executive producer Manuel Monzón, from AContracorriente Films, who worked on multi-award-winning films such as La Librería, by Isabel Coixet, or the argentinean film El ciudadano ilustre; and the romanian Mihai Chirilov, with an important career as artistic director of different festivals, film critic and member of the European Film Academy.

Lobo, Monzón and Chirilov will decide which short films will win the first and second prize at FICBUEU, as well as the awards for the best Galician (CREA Award) and Spanish short films. They will have to choose them among the 28 finalist works that will compete in the official section of the contest, characterized by its firm commitment to authorial cinema. The films come from 21 countries: from Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Australia or the United States to Spain -with seven shorts, of which four are Galician productions-, India, France, Somalia or Iceland. Among them we find works that have already won awards at major festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Venice or Toronto.

Audience Award and fight against menstrual poverty

The spectators of the FICBUEU will once again develop a key role. They will be able to see the short films in the competition in the official section, which will be screened in the Auditorium of the Social Center of the Sea of Bueu between Monday 11 and Saturday 16 September, and they will decide which of all of them has their vote, which will serve to grant the Audience Award.

This verdict is so important for the FICBUEU that he even promoted a new initiative within the food collection campaign that is carried out during the contest: this year donations of feminine intimate hygiene products will be encouraged in response to the prize that the audience granted in the last edition to the short Spotless (Vlekkeloos), as a contribution to the fight against menstrual poverty and the harsh conditions that many women face for the simple fact of stamping.

Beyond the official section

The Descubertas jury will assess three categories: «Discoveries», «International Schools» and «GZ_00». The first will bring together the most innovative and unique pieces of the FICBUEU programming. This year there are six short films in competition: three documentaries (the Dutch Buurman Abdi, the British and Norwegian co-production A history of the world according to Getty Images and the Iranian Majmouan) and three animated films (the Spanish Bloom, the Finnish The Transient and the Hungarian Resting Fog).

For its part, the “International Schools” section, which shows works by students produced by film schools from around the world, will feature four pieces from the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Germany. In the “GZ_00” section, which brings together emerging Galician talent, six finalists were selected: Solo, sometimes. Solo, a veces. Frágil, siempre, de Nacho Ozores; O neno sardiña, de Lucía Estévez; 30’ 70 60’ 120, de Marta Valverde; Na pel da memoria, de Laura e Coral Piñeiro; Malgrat, de Santiago Teijelo; e O coidado, de Miguel Canalejo.

The Descubertas jury is also made up of three professionals from different fields of cinema. Two are women: the director from Vigo Ángeles Fazáns, author of shorts such as Nacer en septiembre or Área; and the professor, photographer and researcher Nieves Febrer. The co-founder of the audiovisual production company LaCasaDigital will also give a master class as part of the Festival’s “II Conference on Cinema”, which will take place on Saturday the 9th around the theme “Everyday life and aesthetics of sensitive cinema”. Fazáns and Febrer will be accompanied on this jury by producer and professor Suso López, winner of a Maestro Mateo award for best production direction for the film DHOGS.

Awards ceremony and projection of the list of winners

The names of the winners of the different FICBUEU categories will be announced at an event to be held on Saturday, September 16 at the Social Center of the Sea in Bueu, starting at 11:00 p.m., in which the The Cine Gallego Award will be presented, awarded in this edition to the actress Luisa Merelas. The list of winners of 2023 will be screened in

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FICBUEU returns in September with 89 short films from around 30 countries


In its 16th edition, the event is consolidating its position as “a window from which to discover new international auteur cinema without forgetting our own identity”. This year’s retrospective is dedicated to Dutch documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens.


BUEU (Pontevedra). 10.08.2023. FICBUEU is back. During the sixteenth edition of the Festival, which every year from the Pontevedra town of Bueu shows the new tendencies of cinematographic creation and auteur cinema, 89 short films and one feature film will be screened. The films come from around thirty countries from the five continents. It will take place from 8 to 23 September. A total of 28 short films are taking part in the official section of the Festival. They can be seen from the 11th to the 16th of September at the Auditorium of the Centro Social do Mar in Bueu. The films in competition will be screened in two sessions at 19.30 –including a talk with the filmmakers– and at 21.30. (You can check the programme at this link).

The social commitment to groups at risk of exclusion, the promotion of values such as respect and equality, and the attachment to the territory, to Bueu, will again be differential elements of FICBUEU.
The poster for the 16th edition of the Festival has been designed by the illustrator Natalia Umpiérrez. A multidisciplinary artist who completed her training in illustration and animation at the University of Vigo, Umpiérrez also participates in groups linked to the dissemination of culture such as the Liceo Mutante de Pontevedra. She is co-author of children’s works such as Cando Ana adoptou a Perico and Imaxinar animais imaxinarios.

From China to Mongolia via Somalia or Iceland
The films in competition are produced or co-produced in 21 countries on 5 continents. Many of them have won awards in recent months at the world’s most important festivals. This is the case of the documentary Will you look at me?, by the Chinese director Shuli Huang, winner of awards at Cannes, Sundance and Melbourne; the film Snow in September, by the Mongolian director Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir, which won the prize for best short film at Venice and Toronto, and the animated short The Flying Sailor, by the Canadians Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis, also distinguished at Sundance. FICBUEU will also be showing other short film «gems» from places such as India, Somalia, Iceland, Costa Rica, Mexico and Australia.

Galicia shows its cinema
And there will be no shortage of Galician representation. This year, FICBUEU has chosen four short films produced or directed in the region –Ulises, by Félix Brixel; the documentary Ruovesi, by Andrea Zapata-Girau; Alicia fai cousas, by Ángel Santos; and Sandwich Cat, an animated short by David Fidalgo– to compete in the official section. 

The programme also includes half a dozen short films by new creators from Galicia in the space called «GZ_00», which can be seen on Sunday 10th together with the works selected for the «Escolas Internacionais» and «Descubertas» sections. «We are a window from which to get to know the new international auteur cinema without forgetting our own identity», say the organisers of the event.
This year, the FICBUEU Galician Cinema Award will go to the actress Luisa Merelas from A Coruña. She receives it «for her important career in television, theatre and cinema, and for her commitment to Galician productions and culture», according to the organisers. Merelas has participated in series such as Pratos Combinados, Mareas Vivas or Fariña and in films such as Los lunes al sol or As bestas.

Parallel activities
One of the objectives of FICBUEU is the dissemination of culture, especially cinematographic culture. That is why the Festival programme is also based on activities such as the «II Xornadas Cinematográficas». Or the «Retrospective» section, dedicated in this edition to the Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens (1898-1989). The director, known for his contribution to documentary filmmaking in the field of short films, was a direct witness to the main historical events of the 20th century, from the Vietnam War and the Indochina uprisings to the demonstrations in Belgium. Joris Ivens is also the subject of this year’s FICBUEU Notebook #4. Its author, Severiano Casalderrey, will be in Bueu to present the publication.

Future generations of film spectators continue to be of vital importance to the Festival. The MiniFIC, the programme aimed at children, will return in the final stretch of the festival. There will be special activities for children and screenings for schoolchildren from Monday 18 to Friday 22.
Residency with the screenwriter Isabel Peña and live podcast

The programme is completed with an important new feature: the «1st FICBUEU Residency», which will be presented on Monday 11th. This is the Festival’s commitment to training, dialogue and teamwork through a creative programme based on strengthening scriptwriting projects with professionals in order to promote short films by new authors. The residency will take place on the Illa de Ons from 9 to 15 October and will be tutored by Isabel Peña, screenwriter of films such as As bestas and El reino.

The Festival is once again committed to radio as a means of cultural dissemination. Five podcasts specialising in film will visit the Festival to broadcast their programmes live and with an audience. From Bueu to the world. «Café Derby 21» will open, followed by «Kinótico», «El Cine de LQYTD», «Cine Divergente» and «Saltos de Eje». The podcasts will take place live at 18.00 at the Festival’s Meeting Point and admission will be free until full capacity is reached.

FICBUEU is one of the most important film festivals in Galicia. Its commitment to auteur cinema, its links with Bueu and O Morrazo area, and its support for values such as equality, integration and solidarity, make it a different kind of event marked by its commitment to cinema, culture and people.


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