The FICBUEU will screen a session of short films at Ambienta, the International LGBTIQA+ Film Festival in Pontevedra

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The FICBUEU will screen a session of short films at Ambienta, the International LGBTIQA+ Film Festival in Pontevedra


One more year the FICBUEU will be responsible for the section ‘Ambienta en curta’.

The screening will take place on July 1 in the Plaza de la Pedreira in Pontevedra.

The Bueu International Film Festival will once again bring the short format closer to Ambienta, the Pontevedra LGBTIQA+ International Film Festival. It will be in the ‘Ambienta en curta’ section, where you can see five pieces that show the different realities of the groups and that will contribute to the dissemination of cinema for diversity, the main objective of the event.

The session will take place on the last day of the exhibition, on Friday, July 1 at 10:30 p.m. in an open-air space such as Plaza de la Pedreira in Pontevedra. Previously there will be a closing act with music related to the cinema by Palito Dj. Admission will be free until the available forum is full.


The program will include titles known to the FICBUEU audience, since two of the works that can be seen in this ‘Ambienta en curta’, such as “Dustin”, by Naïlla Guiguet, and “Son of Sodom”, by Theo Montoya, participated in the 2021 International Section, with “Dustin” taking the awards for Best Music and Best Sound. The other titles that will be screened are “Ensom Cowgirl” by Gina Kippenbroeck, “Victoria” by Daniel Toledo and “Marlon Brando” by Vicent Tilanus.

Still from “Dustin

Although the FICBUEU will be in charge of putting the finishing touch to this year’s Ambienta on July 1, the different acts of the exhibition will begin on June 27. In this way, this edition will have three other screening sections.

On the one hand, ‘Ambienta Actual’, a selection that delves into contemporary society and its course through screenings of the titles “A primeira morte de Joana”, by Cristiane Oliveira, and “ÉTÉ 85” , by François Ozon, organized by Avante LGBT+.

On the other hand, there will be the ‘Ambienta Doc’ section, a proposal made with the participation of the Pedro Zerolo Cinematheque and which brings together documentary pieces that explore the different ways of representing groups, such as Borja Lynch’s work “Triángulos rosas”.

Finally, there will also be a look at the past with the ‘Ambienta Clásica’, in which important titles are recovered that help to discover the presence of the group in the history of cinema, such as “Tokyo Godfathers” by Satoshi Kon and Shôgo Furuya , and which will be organized by the Cineclube de Pontevedra.

In addition to the different sessions, the program of the exhibition also includes the presentation of a video clip made by Laura Cadenas Amandi, Enzo Sarmiento and Éric Dopazo, a meeting with the actress, politician and trans activist Carla Antonelli, who will also present the documentary “Triángulos rosas”, and a closing musical act by Palito Dj.

It will be the second year that the Concello de Pontevedra has carried out the exhibition under the name Ambienta, which since its inception had FICBUEU as one of its collaborating entities. The entire program of the event can be consulted on the Ambienta.gal website.

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The third edition of the Rías Baixas Film Fest, the label that brings together FICBUEU and seven other festivals in the province, is presented


This is the third year in which the main film festivals in Pontevedra are united under the same brand created by the Diputación de Pontevedra.

In addition to FICBUEU, the Rías Baixas Film Fest also includes other seven events.

The Diputación de Pontevedra has presented the new edition of the Rías Baixas Film Fest, a label that for the third consecutive year will bring together the most important film festivals in the province. This brand was born with the intention of giving them greater projection and strength, while at the same time trying to contribute to the dissemination of local and galician culture, according to the Diputación de Pontevedra.

This year’s programme was presented at an event that took place outside the headquarters of the Diputación in Vigo, with the presence of representatives of all the festivals and some public officials, such as the president of the Diputación, Carmela Silva. There, and through a video summary of all the participating festivals, the names and dates of the different events were announced.

The first to be held will be the Play-Doc International Documentary Film Festival in Tuy (from 4 to 8 May) and the Cans Festival in Porriño (from 18 to 21). After these first two events, in September it will be the turn of the Primavera do Cine Festival in Vigo (from 6 to 11), the FICBUEU – Bueu International Film Festival (from 11 to 24) and the Galicia Freaky Film Festival in Vigo (from 23 September to 1 October).

In October, the Vigo Inclusive Film Festival will take place (from 18 to 22) and the Curtas, Festival do Imaxinario de Villagarcía de Arosa (from 21 to 30), leaving the final in the hands of the Novos Cinemas International Film Festival of Pontevedra, which will put the finishing touch to this year’s programme of the Rías Baixas Film Fest between 13 and 18 December.

Manuel Pena, director of FICBUEU, also spoke at the event, highlighting the diversity of the profiles of the festivals in the province and the character of the non-profit associations behind each one, motivated in his words by “the passion for cinema and culture”.

On the other hand, the director of FICBUEU wanted to have a few words to value the efforts of all those involved in the world of culture, while highlighting “the importance and the dimension to which the film festival programmes have reached”, stressing that they go far beyond the screenings by including other initiatives such as workshops or activities that promote culture, being ambitious for the future and trusting in the growth of the different projects in the area.

After him, the director of programming of the Primavera do Cine Festival, Ana Gontad, took the floor, who wanted to highlight not only the seventh art and the importance of festivals, especially now that it seems that we are beginning to emerge from the health situation that put everything on hold a little over two years ago.

Gontad also made a plea for the recovery of the free space for cinema, describing it as “a victory for collective sensitivity” in the face of “totalitarian, xenophobic, sexist and liberal ideologies that challenge the inclusive democratic coexistence that we have worked so hard to build”.

Finally, the presentation was brought to a close by the president of the Diputación de Pontevedra, Carmela Silva, who speaks accompanied by Victoria Alonso, director of the area of Culture. Silva wanted to highlight the work of all the participating festivals, while commenting on the richness that this type of cultural event brings to each municipality and the province.

Silva also affirmed that “these festivals allow people to have different views, as the world of cinema has the capacity to create new visions of the world” and that, in turn, these events translate into “hope for the future”, as he commented that these types of celebrations fill the towns with life and bring culture closer to the people.

After this, the event ended with an humorous film scene starring the president herself, putting the finishing touch to the presentation of the Rías Baixas Film Fest 2022.

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FICBUEU´s new logo


The new proposal also includes a small name change and a new font

FICBUEU was born in 2008 with the intention of bringing the best of the short films closer to the public, growing progressively with each edition. 11 years later, the FICBUEU Cinematographic Cultural Association and the FICBUEU Social Area would be created, representing an important milestone in the evolution of the festival by strengthening its organization and expanding its activities throughout the year.

Since its inception, the original image of the festival was based on the Roman amphora of San Martiño de Bueu, an outstanding piece of the Massó Museum with symbolism and very representative of the area, becoming in turn the award for the winners.

FICBUEU´s previous logo
Alfonso Agra coa ánfornso Agra with the amphora of the Galician Cinema Award of FICBUEU 2021

This 2022 and six months before the 15th edition, the FICBUEU presents its new image made up of a name change, a new logo and a new typography that bring together the character of the festival and its context.

Although it will continue to focus on short films, the FICBUEU will be renamed the Bueu International Film Festival, encompassing all its activities and not just those related to the short format.

The new design of Uqui Permui brings together the essence of FICBUEU and links the logo to cinema and to the town, through its rounded shapes that represent the geography of the place.

Design by Uqui Permui

The logo is also accompanied by a new typeface, called ‘Isaac Sans’ and created by Marcos Dopico. This new font owes its name to an artistic reference of our culture such as Isaac Díaz Pardo and is inspired by the typography of Sargadelos and the Laboratory of Forms of Galicia.

Isaac sans typography by maistypes.com – Marcos Dopico

These three changes completely renew the image of the festival giving way to the 15th edition, which will be celebrated from September 11 to 24 and which will come loaded with new features in the program that will be revealed over the months.

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The FICBUEU brings his book «The “Nouvelle Vague” through its short films (1956 -1965)» to the IBZCF22

  • The first of the FICBUEU books was the protagonist during the Saturday afternoon of the Ibiza festival, in a presentation in which shorts films were also screened

The FICBUEU was present during the Ibiza Cine Fest this 2022, which began on March 11 and will run until the 20th. It was during the second day of the festival, on Saturday 12, through the presentation of the first of the FICBUEU Books , entitled «The “Nouvelle Vague” through its short films (1956 -1965)», which delves into this well-known cinematographic current.

The conference took place at the festival’s main venue, the Auditori des Caló de s’Oli, and began at 6:00 p.m. led by Severiano Casalderrey, author of the book and programmer of the FICBUEU, who presented the monograph edited in Galician and in English.

The activity ended after the projection of some of the most important works of the movement, such as “Le coup du berger” by Jacques Rivette (1957), “Les Mistons” by François Truffaut (1957) and “Tous les garçons” by Jean- Luc Godard (1959).

In this way, during the two hours that the event lasted, a detailed introduction to the French Nouvelle Vague through which the attendees were able to understand and learn about the importance of this period and the stylistic innovations it brought, being one of the most influential movements in the history of cinema in Europe, as shown in the monograph written by Severiano Casalderrey.

The  FICBUEU Books project is the result of all the selection and research work carried out for the Retrospective Section of the FICBUEU and for the extensive documentation work and the viewing of a significant number of short films.

The work is available in the FICBUEU online store for all interested people, as well as the «FICBUEU#2 Notebook. The National Film Board of Canada and the ‘golden age’ of its short film (1965-1983)»,  which deals with the National Film Board of Canada, the largest public production company in the world and its period of greatest splendor.

Presentación Seve Ibiza Cine Fest
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The call for entries to the #FICBUEU2022 is open


The fifteenth edition of the Bueu International Film Festival, organized by the FICBUEU Association, opens the registration period for short films this Thursday, December 23, 2021, remaining open until April 23, 2022.

Participation is available for all works premiered as of January 1, 2021, and creators of any nationality may attend as long as they are 18 years of age. Works of any genre with a maximum duration of 30 minutes may be submitted.

Registrations will be made exclusively through the ShortFilmDepot platform and will cost 2 euros, beyond the platform’s own management costs.

Among all the short films presented, the selection committee will prepare the usual sections that will make up the FICBUEU 2022 program and that will be eligible for the different prizes, valued at a total of 5,550 euros.

The bases can be consulted both in the information tab and on the ShortFilmDepot platform.

The FICBUEU 2022 will host one more year the best of the world production of short films, bringing Bueu a complete panorama of the last year. In addition, it will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary with important new features in its programming that will be revealed over the coming months.

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Tickets for the 14th International Short Film Festival on sale


  • Carne Cruda is back and many free activities will be offered.

Both daily and season tickets for the screenings of the 14th International Short Film Festival of Bueu, which will be held at the Centro Social do Mar from September 10 to 19, are on sale now on www.ficbueu.com/tenda. The competitive sessions and the opening and closing films will cost 3 euros, although it is possible to buy a 12 euros pass for the whole International Section. The attendance to the radio program Carne Cruda, which will be performed live on Saturday 11 at 6 pm, will be priced at 5 euros.

The International Section will be held from Monday 13 to Friday 17, at 8 and 10 pm, with a forum between them that will take place at the Meeting Point. For the Galicia R and Spain sections, which will be shown on Saturday 18, there are only daily tickets. In the first case, two sessions will be organized at 5 and 7 pm, while the second one will begin at 9 pm. In both cases, the public will be able to participate in the subsequent colloquium with the filmmakers.

In the previous weekend, on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, the two blocks of the Experimental Section will be projected at 8 pm, containing different programs. The same will happen at 10 pm with the Panorama Section, where the entrance fee will be a donation of any non-perishable product aimed to the Food Bank. Another new feature this year is the opening film, for which renowned critic Javier Tolentino will arrive in Bueu on Friday 10 at 10 pm in order to present his first full-length film, Un blues para Teherán. Also on Sunday 19 at 9:30 pm Sole will be screened as the closing film. It is the first film by Italian director Carlo Sironi, member of the FICBUEU 2021 jury, which addresses the controversial issue of surrogate motherhood.

For the rest of the screenings, including the Retrospective and Carte blanche sections, focusing on the National Film Board of Canada, and Family Shorts, it is not needed to pay an entry fee, although it will be necessary to withdraw an invitation at the ticket office on the day of its celebration. The access system will be the same for another dozen activities like conferences, concerts, presentations, etc. that will be offered for free.

The box office will open in the week before the opening, from Monday 6 to Thursday 9 September, from 5 to 8 pm, while on festival dates, from Friday 10 to Sunday 19, the schedule will be from 4:30 to 10 pm. In addition, on weekends it will also be operational in the mornings, from 10 am to 1 pm. In these time slots you could pick up the invitations, redeem the receipt of the virtual purchase for the printed tickets or buy the tickets reserved for the physical sale. Tickets for the Closing Gala may be purchased in person on Friday 17, at the price of 3 euros.

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The Retrospective Section focuses on the National Film Board of Canada


  • The second issue of the festival’s Cadernos analyzes the biggest public production company in the world and the Carte Blanche Section revolves around it also.

If the International Short Film Festival of Bueu opened in 2019 the Retrospective Section to take a look at the Nouvelle Vague’s shorts, this year the focus is on the works of the National Film Board of Canada, the world’s largest public production company, which is at the core of the second issue of the Cadernos FICBUEU too. The program of the festival, which will take place from September 10 to 19 at the Centro Social do Mar, also incorporates as a novelty a Carte Blanche curated by Marc Bertrand, veteran NFB animation producer.

On Monday 13 at 4:30 pm will be held the presentation of Cadernos FICBUEU #2: The National Film Board of Canada and the “Golden Age” of Its Short Film (1965-83), monograph edited in Galician and English with the support of the Secretaría Xeral de Política Lingüística of the Xunta de Galicia and the Embassy of Canada in Spain. The deputy director of FICBUEU and responsible for the publication, Severiano Casalderrey, will explain the details of this study, which extends the informational and research purposes of the International Short Film Festival of Bueu.

The presentation will end with the screening of In the labyrinth (1979), as starting point of the Retrospective that will take place from Tuesday 14 to Friday 17 at 5:30 pm. This section highlights short films that played an important role in the cinema’s history, this time reviewing the almost two decades of that NBF “golden age” through 24 films that offer a varied panorama of genres and topics. In addition, people attending the four sessions will get a copy of Cadernos FICBUEU #2.

The Carte Blanche Section will be also focused on the National Film Board of Canada, showing five titles selected by Marc Bertrand, who has been a producer in the French animation studio of the NFB since 1998 and has more than a hundred works behind him, many of them recognized with important awards. Bertrand will be in Bueu on Monday 13 September to present this anthology, which will be screened from 6 pm.

Finally, it should be noted that Canada will also be represented in the International Section, with three of the 24 shorts that make up the main competitive section of FICBUEU 2021. Both the multiple screenings and the many parallel activities, ranging from lectures and debates to live concerts and radio, will be carried out with all the security measures against Covid-19. The event has the collaboration of different entities, among which Concello de Bueu, Deputación de Pontevedra, Xunta de Galicia and ICAA.

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FICBUEU offers nine film sections and many activities


  • Family screenings, master classes, meetings, music or live radio are part of the programme of this 14th edition.

The International Short Film Festival of Bueu, which will take place from September 10 to 19, recovers the structure and contents prior to the pandemic with nine film sections and multiple parallel activities, which range from conferences and colloquiums to live concerts and radio. However, the event will maintain in this 14th edition all the safety measures against Covid-19 included in the current regulations.

The screenings of the International Section, which are at the heart of the programme, will happen from Monday 13 to Friday 17 split up in two sessions, at 20 and 22 pm, made up of different titles and with a chat between both guided by experts. However, the FICBUEU 2021 will start on Friday 10 at 7:15 pm with the performance outdoors of the cover duo ‘Two in the mirror’, prior to the opening ceremony to be held at 8 pm at the Centro Social do Mar, where the opening film, Un blues para Teherán, will be projected at 10 pm with the participation of its director, Javier Tolentino.

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 master classes will be held at 11:30 am, one on the film posters by the Barfutura studio, responsible for the visual identity of Julieta or Las chicas del cable, and another about stop motion by the model maker Sonia Iglesias, who has worked with Tim Burton. In the afternoon, the Experimental Section will be shown at 8 pm and the Panorama Section at 10 pm. In advance, at 6 pm, the radio program Carne Cruda will return on Saturday and the animation web series Cacola will be presented on Sunday.

On Monday 13 the activities will start at 4:30 pm with the presentation of the second of the Cadernos FICBUEU, this time focused on the shorts of the National Film Board of Canada, to make way at 6 pm to the Carte Blanche Section, curated by NFB animation producer Marc Bertrand. The titles of the Canadian public production company make up the Retrospective Section, which will run for the next four days at 5:30 pm. In addition, an online round table conference on the film festivals’ financing composed of representatives from Clermont-Ferrand (France), Morelia (Mexico) and Gijón will be held on Tuesday 14 at 6 pm.

The last weekend of the FICBUEU 2021 will kick off on Saturday 18 at 11 am with the ‘Meeting with Alfonso Agra’, the actor who will receive the Premio Cinema Galego. At the same time, the Massó Museum will host a discussion panel on communication in the film competitions supported by Proxecta, Galician coordinator of film festivals. Half an hour later, shorts for the whole family will be screened within the framework of the Minific Section, which will lead to the concert of the vermouth session.

In the afternoon, at 5 and 7 pm there will be a double session of the Galicia R Section and the subsequent colloquium with the filmmakers, while at 9 pm the Spain Section and its corresponding debate will take place. Sunday 19 will be focused on the awards and the children, who at 10:30 am will play the central role in the Gala Escolas Galegas and at 1 pm will enjoy the workshop ‘The origins of cinema’, with images and live music from the hand of Caspervek. From 5 pm, the outdoor musical performances will give way to the FICBUEU 2021 Closing Gala, which begins at 7 pm, while the closing film Sole will be shown at 9:30 pm.

Screenings for students, workshops about script development and filming planning given by professionals, a short film market or a tapas route are other activities that will take place in the framework of the 14th International Short Film Festival of Bueu. Several entities collaborate with the event, including Concello de Bueu, Deputación de Pontevedra, Xunta de Galicia and ICAA.

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Actor Alfonso Agra will receive the Galician Cinema Award of the FICBUEU 2021


  • The prize winner, known for his roles in numerous Galician series, will hold a meeting with the public as part of the festival.

Actor Alfonso Agra, from Arzúa, will receive the Galician Cinema Award of the FICBUEU 2021, a prize that recognizes the trajectory of professionals in the Galician audiovisual industry and that previously received performers such as Antonio Durán ‘Morris’, Mabel Rivera, Luis Zahera and Melania Cruz. In addition, the honoree will have a meeting with the public in which some of the most unknown facets of his long career will be revealed.

Alfonso Agra started in the world of performance in the 80s with the company Artello from Vigo. For two decades, he alternated the works in this theatre group with shows by the Centro Dramático Galego, such as Os vellos non deben de namorarse, and he would co-starring the acclaimed O florido pénsil later. However, he is best known for his roles in Galician series such as Pratos Combinados, Mareas Vivas and Serramoura.

Agra also has experience as a host of both news and entertainment programs. In the field of dubbing, he voiced popular characters such as Yamcha from Dragon Ball. On the big screen, we saw him in the films Entre bateas and Días de voda, along with many others. In the last years, he consolidated his career by joining the cast of Galician series with international projection, such as Fariña, in which he played the narco Manuel Bustelo, and recently the Netflix production El desorden que dejas.

These and many other facets of the actor, like his foray into the world of short film, will be addressed in the ‘Meeting with Alfonso Agra’, which will be held on Saturday, September 18 at 11 am at the FICBUEU Meeting Point, located in the multipurpose room of the Centro Social del Mar. The filmmaker Gaspar Broullón, from Marín, will be in charge of conducting the in-depth interview with the winner of the Galician Cinema Award, to whom the attendees will also be able to make their questions. It will be on the penultimate day of the 14th International Short Film Festival of Bueu, which will be held from the 10th with a wide range of activities.

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The 14th Bueu International Short Film Festival will screen 128 films

  • The Centro Social do Mar will host more than thirty film sessions from September 10 to 19.

The Bueu International Short Film Festival has just announced the selected works for its 14th edition, after receiving nearly 2,062 proposals and watching hundreds of films suggested by the selection team. A total of 128 films from more than 30 countries will be screened at the Centro Social do Mar between 10 and 19 September, offering a wide overview of the best short-form cinema in the world.

The main section of the festival is the International Section, which consists of 24 shorts of which six are produced or co-produced by France, demonstrating the strength of French cinema. It is followed by the United States, with four participations, and Canada, with three, although Asia, Africa and Latin America will also be present. Likewise, the number of female directors is the same, since we find ten again. In terms of genres, the documentary stands out in a quarter of the films. There is a great variety of themes, but social cinema continues to weigh heavily and the search for identity also stands out: gender, religious, etc.

The Experimental Section is extended this year to 13 titles, while the Galicia R section will have six and Spain five. The competitive chapters are closed with the Schools Section, which brings together a total of 15 films between international film schools and Galician educational centers of the different educational levels, which will have their own awards ceremony.

Regarding the non-competitive sections, the Panorama Section is resumed, where ten of the best short films that did not enter the competition but received a high rating from the selection committee will be shown. There will also be a new Retrospective, this time focusing on 25 titles from the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), the world’s largest public production company. The FICBUEU 2021 will also offer as a novelty a Carte Blanche, session curated in this case by Marc Bertrand, who has been producing animation films at the NFB for more than two decades. The parallel sections will be completed with the Minific, which is divided into family shorts, “cativos”, children and youth, the last three only for student bodies.

In total, there will be more than thirty film sessions at the Centro Social do Mar, where the necessary security measures against Covid-19 will be guaranteed. The screenings will be combined with multiple activities such as concerts, workshops or talks, which we will be reporting on the new website www.ficbueu.com. Several entities collaborate with FICBUEU 2021, including Concello de Bueu, Deputación de Pontevedra, Xunta de Galicia and ICAA.