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Four young film-makers develope their new film projects with the support os the first Residence FICBUEU at Ons Island

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Four young film-makers develope their new film projects with the support os the first Residence FICBUEU at Ons Island


The screenwriter Isabel Crag tutoriza the training, and one of the four projects of script will opt to be produced by the Galician producer Nortecatro Cinema

They participate the directors Alicia *Úbeda and Ángela Andrada, both of A Coruña, and two directors: Jordi Sanz, of Barcelona, and Pablo Vilas, of Tenerife

BUEU. 09.10.23. Four young filmmakers are working from today until next Saturday on the Island of Ons to develop their next film projects. They do it under the tutelage of one of the most awarded screenwriters in Spanish cinema in recent times, Isabel Peña. She is the author of the librettos for films such as As bestas or El reino – with which she won individual Goya Awards -, Stockholm, Que Dios nos perdone, or series such as Antidisturbios.

From the Island of Ons, one of the most unique and paradisiacal places in the municipality of Bueu and in all of Galicia, the foundations will be laid for the production of four new short films by young authors who went through a selection process with 120 aspiring projects. In the I FICBUEU Residency, four projects will be developed by two directors, Alicia Úbeda and Ángela Andrada, both from A Coruña, and two directors: Jordi Sanz, from Barcelona, and Pablo Vilas, from Tenerife.

The FICBUEU organizes cultural dissemination activities and the new languages of auroral cinema throughout the year. He works with cultural groups, local training centers or different social groups. With the Residencia, an annual program, he also wants to collaborate with the development of new cinematographic projects. 

At the end of the Residency, one of the four script projects will choose to be produced by the Galician production company Nortecatro Cinema. The co-director of FICBUEU, Manuel Pena, explained during the presentation of the project in the course of the Festival: “For some time we have been doing script classes and small filming courses, but we wanted to have a great professional and complete program of support for ideas from its beginning, with which results are seen. That’s why we’re going to try to make one of the projects a reality and close the circle”.

The program, which the Festival started working on two years ago, has the support of the General Secretariat of Equality and the Galician Agency for Cultural Industries (AGADIC).

Personalized tutoring

The first FICBUEU Residency will allow the four finalists to improve the quality and viability of their ideas, providing their vision, language and personal tone, as well as acquiring the necessary resources to obtain a multidisciplinary perspective of the production process. The methodology they will use will be based on personalized tutoring, specific training and joint practical activities (round tables and one-to-one meetings) that will promote cooperation and value different perspectives.

In addition to Isabel Peña, doctor, screenwriter and anthropologist Carmen Ávalos will also work with the residents, who will approach the script from a gender perspective; Pablo Lamosa, director of Cormorán VFX, who will delve into the resources aimed at improving the visual aspects of the projects; and professor and researcher Elena Neira, who will introduce the new distribution channels for cinema.

Quality and variety of projects

In the 1st Residency, four projects will be developed that each stand out for their quality and that start from very different perspectives and goals.

Alicia Úbeda will participate with Garabato, an autobiographical short film project about two sisters aged 14 and 7 who take care of an alcoholic mother.

Avisa cuando llegues is the proposal of screenwriter Ángela Andrade, the story of a 21-year-old girl who wants to recover her life, overcome her fear and go out again to have fun six months after suffering a sexual assault.

Jordi Sanz was chosen for Sismes, a piece with which he will explore memory and memories through a divorced woman who returns ten years later to the volcanic island where she spent her honeymoon and is obsessed with recording herself on video to recreate the images in which only her ex-husband appeared.

Barranco sin fondo is the proposal that Pablo Vilas wants to develop to tell the story of a teenager who travels with a drone through the ravines near her house and finds a kid that she wants to adopt.

The I FICBUEU Residency has a grant from Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte and the sponsorship of Xunta de Galicia through the Consellería de Promoción do Emprego e Igualdade and the Consellería de Cultura, Educación, Formación Profesional e Universidades.

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FICBUEU Channel: all live broadcasts of the 16th edition of the festival are now on YouTube


During FICBUEU 2023, it was possible to enjoy many of the activities in a virtual format. In addition to podcasts, the FICPAPER, or the colloquiums, it is now possible to view other events from the program that were live-streamed on Twitch to facilitate access for those who were not physically present at the event.

The FICBUEU YouTube channel now features more content from this latest edition. In the coming months, there will be different interviews with filmmakers and actress Luisa Merelas (FICBUEU 2023 Galician Cinema Award), as well as all the interventions that comprised the 2nd Cinematic Days of FICBUEU.

This time, we share with you the videos that document the presentations of “Caderno FICBUEU#4,” dedicated to the figure of Joris Ivens and created by Severiano Casalderrey, and “La pantalla porosa,” a publication by Diego Rufo (Saltos de eje) that examines the current state of cinema from various perspectives. On the other hand, the award ceremony of FICBUEU 2023 and the Galician Schools Gala, events where the 16th edition’s winners were announced, can be watched again on the festival’s channel.

FICBUEU#4 Monograph

A new edition of the FICBUEU Monographs collection is dedicated this time to the documentarian Joris Ivens and his work in the field of short films. During its presentation, led by its author, Severiano Casalderrey, the audience could learn more details about the content and the research process undertaken for this volume.

“La pantalla porosa” by Diego Rufo

On Saturday, the 16th, we collaborated with Librería Miranda in the presentation of Diego Rufo’s book “La pantalla porosa,” a publication about the changes the film industry is undergoing.

FICBUEU 2023 Award Ceremony

Following all the screenings of the competitive sections of the 16th edition of FICBUEU, the award-winning short films in each category were announced in an event featuring various filmmakers and audiovisual professionals.

Galician Schools Gala

The main day of MiniFIC started with the gala, awarding short films made in different schools in Galicia. Hosted by Olalla González and Marc Taeger, and with the support of Kalandraka and Fundación Novas, our youngest audience had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful event where their works were screened.

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Cinema and Radio: Podcasts made during FICBUEU 2023 are now available


“Café Derby 21”, “Kinótico”, “El cine de Lo Que Yo te Diga”, “Cine Divergente” and “Saltos de Eje” have just released their recorded chapters from the 16th edition of the festival

The first of the programs in the Cinema and Radio section, Café Derby 21, reviewed the short films from Section GZ_00, using the theme of ‘humanity’ as a common thread. As guests, filmmakers Lucía Estévez and Miguel Canalejo, who participated in the section with their shorts ‘O neno sardiña’ and ‘O coidado,’ take part:

On Tuesday, the Kinótico team took center stage in the programming of FICBUEU 2023, addressing the current state of film festivals and focusing on the titles beginning their journey towards the Oscars. In the episode, María Ruiz-Falcó, co-director of FICBUEU, also participated, discussing the history of the festival:

El Cine de Lo Que Yo Te Diga, which had already visited Bueu in 2019, returned this time to talk with Félix Brixel (director of the short film Ulises), Nena Van Driel (writer of Magma and Ma mère et moi), and Andrea Zapata Girau (director of Ruovesi) about their work and the short film format:

On Thursday, the 14th, it was Cine Divergente’s turn, and their team was joined by the director of Ruovesi, Andrea Zapata Girau, for a conversation about the short film format from various perspectives:

The closing of the Cinema and Radio programming at FICBUEU 2023 was done by Saltos de Eje with the presence of Beli Martínez (teacher and producer at Filmika Galaica), Manuel Pena, and Nerea Lores (co-directors of the festival). The podcast, hosted by Diego Rufo, was dedicated this time to reflecting on the current state of the film industry:

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All the discussions with filmmakers from FICBUEU 2023 are now available


The filmmaker meetings that took place after the screening sessions of the 16th edition can be viewed throughout the year on the FICBUEU YouTube Channel.

Q&A GZ_00 Section

The first colloquium in the program with directors Miguel Canalejo, Santi Teijelo, Nacho Ozores, Marta Valverde, Laura, and Coral Piñeiro, conducted by the co-director of the event, Manuel Pena. The short film “30’ 70 60’ 120,” by Vigo director Marta Valverde, won the award in the first of this section, with the jury stating that it is a “daring piece that blends genres and styles very well.”

Q&A Official 1 Section

With actress Hannah Van Lunteren, from the film “Ma mère et moi.” The film “Ma mére et moi,” directed by Dutch filmmaker Emma Branderhorst, was awarded the Second Prize at FICBUEU 2023 for “subtly and delicately capturing that decisive moment with which everyone identifies, when a child has to grow up, and a mother has to let go.” That’s the story of young Kees and her mother Lois, reflected in this short film. Emma Branderhorst, who won the Audience Award last year with “Spotless,” a film that raises awareness about menstrual poverty, couldn’t personally collect the festival award, but the film’s screenwriter, Nena van Driel, did.

Q&A Official 2 Section

With director Tonia Mishaili, from the film “Daphne,” and María G. Royo, producer of the film “Aqueronte.”

Q&A Official 3 Section

With director Hanna Hovitie, from the film “Ympyrän Neliömisestä;” Felix Brixel, director of “Ulises,” and Nena Van Driel, screenwriter of the film “Magma.”

“Ulises,” a work by Félix Brixel, a director from Rianxo, won the award for the best Galician short film for its “enigmatic and intriguing story about fraternal love” and the “striking visual effects” that complement it.

Q&A Official 4 Section

With actress Channel Victor, from the film “Anansi,” and Andrea-Zapata Girau, director of the film “Ruovesi.”

Q&A Official 5 Section

With co-director Ángel Santos, from the film “Alicia hace cosas,” the Galician short film presented in this screening session.

Q&A Official 6 Section

With co-director David Fidalgo, from the film “Sandwich cat.” An animated short film in which the director himself receives an unexpected visitor that leads to a crucial reflection for humanity.”

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The FICBUEU closes two weeks of cinema with the awards ceremony of the Galician Schools Gala for the short films of the IES Salvaterra do Miño and the CEIP San Marcos de Abegondo


| The MiniFIC also said goodbye with a film workshop with cartoons, a children’s concert and the screening of “Family Shorts” with a selection of the best international films for all audiences.

BUEU. PONTEVEDRA. 23.09.2023. The BUEU International Film Festival, FICBUEU, says goodbye today to its 16th edition with the awarding of the Galician Schools Gala, held in the Auditorium of the Centro Social do Mar de Bueu, to the best short films made in educational centers of the community. It was the end of two weeks of programming designed to show all types of audiences the new trends in film creation and the latest developments in short-form auteur cinema.

In the Secondary Education category, the winning film was Non estás soa. Non cales. Non te peches. Non es a culpábel, made by first-year high school students from IES Salvaterra do Miño. The short, made as an advertisement, addresses a current topic: mental health in adolescence. This short competed with three other finalists of the contest: Mundo ao revés, by CPI Alcalde Xosé Pichel, from Coristanco (A Coruña), and O conto da muller lamprea and O vello máis o río both presented by the IES As Barxas, from Moaña. 


Da Vinci and Mona Lisa travel to the future

O roubo da Mona Lisa was chosen as best short film in the Special, Early Childhood and Primary Education section. The story created by the sixth-grade boys and girls of the CEIP Plurilingüe San Marcos, in Abegondo (A Coruña) -Leonardo da Vinci and Gioconda are going through economic difficulties and decide to travel to the future to recover the famous painting when they discover that it has disappeared from the museum – conquered the jury. His decision was not easy. Among the finalist pieces were also A princesa do Caurel, from CEIP Canicouva, Vigo; Goza co teu Samaín, from the CEIP Plurilingue San Clemente de César, from Caldas de Reis; Mario o Teixugho, from the CEIP Plurilingue do Carballal, from Vigo; and O cascabel da gata, from the CEIP Plurilingue Feliciano Barrera, from Ponteareas.

During the gala all the selected works could be seen. In the afternoon, a film workshop was held to build a giant zoetrope with which the girls brought the drawn images to life, followed by the rock concert by Pakolas A Ramona Pequena, a musical journey to reach the moon. The last MiniFIC activity at the Festival was the “Family Shorts” section, where a selection of the best international animated short films was screened for all audiences. Eight films from Iran, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and Spain were screened.

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American short film «Endless Sea» wins the FICBUEU First Prize and Canadian «Invincible» wins the Audience Award


I Dutch film «Ma mére et moi» wins Second Prize and the Somali film «Will my parents come to see me» receives a special mention from the jury

I The Festival also distinguishes «Ulises» by Félix Brixel, as the best Galician short film, and «Arquitectura Emocional 1959», by León Siminiani, wins the award for the best Spanish film

I «30′ 70 60′ 120», by Vigo director Marta Valverde, is the winner in the «GZ_00» section, which showcases the work of the new generation of Galician audiovisual

I A Coruña-born actress Luisa Merelas received the FICBUEU 2023 Galician Cinema Award in recognition of her artistic career

BUEU. Pontevedra. 16.09.23. Endless Sea, by American director Sam Shainberg, is the winning short film of the «Official Competition» of the 16th edition of the FICBUEU. It was announced yesterday by the Councillor of Culture of Bueu (Pontevedra), Carmen García, in a ceremony held at the Centro Social do Mar of Bueu. Among the 28 films in competition, the jury awarded this film with the FICBUEU First Prize (2,000 euros), «for its raw energy, its defiant production, its magnetic lead performance and a welcome touch of black humour».

Sam Shainberg

This is how its members –film producers Silvia Lobo and Manuel Monzón together with Mihai Chirilov, artistic director, critic and member of the European Film Academy– referred to this film, which tells the «gripping story of survival» of Carol, a 70-year-old woman «who fights against the system» when she cannot afford to buy her heart medication.

The film Ma mére et moi, by Dutch filmmaker Emma Branderhorst, won the FICBUEU Second Prize for «subtly and delicately capturing that decisive moment that everyone identifies with, when a child has to grow up and a mother has to let go». That is the story –that of young Kees and her mother Lois– that the short film reflects. Emma Branderhorst, who last year won the Audience Award with Spotless, a film in which she made menstrual poverty visible, was unable to collect the Festival’s prize (worth 1,000 euros) in person, but the film’s screenwriter, Nena van Driel, did. The deputy mayoress of Bueu, Isabel Quintás, was in charge of presenting it to her. Van Driel spoke to the audience at the Festival to thank the jury for the award, who chose Ma mére et moi from among «so many inspiring films» and said that «it has been an honour that our film has been screened with all of them». «It’s very exciting to see how many people from the area are interested in short films at this festival. It’s really something special», she added.

The jury also gave a special mention to Somali filmmaker Mo Harawe’s Will my parents come to see me, «a powerful short film about holding on to life when facing the death penalty».

The official list of winners of the FICBUEU 2023 is completed with two more films. One of them is Ulises, by Félix Brixel, filmmaker from Rianxo, who won the Best Galician Short Film Award for his «enigmatic and intriguing story about brotherly love» and the «stunning visuals» that complement it. Brixel received the award from Fon Cortizo, from the Asociación Galega de Profesionais da Dirección e Realización (CREA). The other distinguished film is Arquitectura emocional 1959, by the Cantabrian director León Siminiani, which won the award for Best Spanish Short Film. The jury highlighted «its playful originality, mixing past and present, love and politics, through cinema and architecture».

The audience decides

The Audience Award, voted for by the spectators of FICBUEU, goes this year to the Canadian film Invincible, by Vincent René-Lortie, inspired by a true story. The film tells the story of the last 48 hours of the life of a 14-year-old teenager held in a juvenile detention centre and in urgent need of freedom was the one that had the greatest impact on the audience.

Actress Luisa Merelas honoured

This year’s honorary award, the FICBUEU Galician Cinema Award, went to the actress Luisa Merelas, who was present at the event held in Bueu. The performer of such well-known series as Pratos Combinados or Fariña or films such as Los lunes al sol or, more recently, As bestas, was honoured yesterday at the Festival for her long career and her contribution to the Galician audiovisual sector.

New filmmakers awrads

The director Anxos Fazáns, on behalf of the Descubertas jury, was responsible for announcing the awards chosen in the categories «GZ_00», «Descubertas» and «Escolas Internacionais». The short film 30′ 70 60′ 120, by Vigo director Marta Valverde, won the award in the first of the three sections, created to showcase the work being developed by the new generation of filmmakers in Galicia. In fact, Valverde was the winner with a «risky piece that mixes genres and styles and comes off very well». In the «Descubertas» section, the winning short film in this edition is Buurman Abdi, by the Dutch Douwe Dijkstra. The jury valued its originality and capacity for transgression, «full of emotion and humour». In «Escolas Internacionais», a space that brings together some of the most outstanding work produced in film schools around the world, the winner was the Italian film Raíces, from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. Sara Moschini, one of the film’s directors, together with Maddalena Brozzi and Laura Cagnoni, accepted the award for a film that deals with formal beauty and narrative simplicity with the universe surrounding the loss of a loved one.

All the short films that make up the list of winners of the FICBUEU 2023 will be shown together tomorrow, Sunday, in a special screening that will take place, from 20.30 hours, at the Auditorium of the Centro Social do Mar in Bueu.

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FICBUEU remembers the short documentaries of Dutchman Joris Ivens, a legend of socially conscious cinema


I Poet, activist, adventurer and war chronicler, the Festival will present tomorrow a monograph on the filmmaker, who shot more than fifty films all over the world during his 60-year career

I On Sunday, his filmography will be brought closer to the public with the screening of four of his most iconic short films in the «Retrospective Section»

BUEU. PONTEVEDRA. 15.09.2023. «He was a restless person, always on the move». The long list of countries in which the filmmaker Joris Ivens (Nijmegen, Netherlands, 1898-Paris, 1989) filmed exceeds twenty, in the five continents, and supports the words of Severiano Casalderrey, programmer of FICBUEU. This year, the Bueu International Film Festival dedicates its «Retrospective Section» to this Dutch filmmaker, one of the greatest documentary filmmakers of all time: a legend of a film format usually excluded from cinemas and distribution circuits.

Four of the most representative shorts from Joris Ivens’ extensive filmography will be screened on Sunday evening (06.00 p.m.) at the auditorium of the Centro Social do Mar in Bueu. Tickets are available at de FICBUEU online shop. They can also be purchased at the ticket office of the Centro Social do Mar from one hour before the screenings.


FICBUEU notebook

But before that, tomorrow Saturday (11.30 a.m.), Severiano Casalderrey will also present at the Festival a monograph on the Dutch director, written by him and entitled The Expansion of Documentary Film through the Short Films of Joris Ivens (1898-1989). This will be the fourth of the FICBUEU Notebooks –after those dedicated to the Nouvelle Vague, the National Film Board of Canada (the largest public production company in the world) and the Official Cinematography School (the first film studies centre in Spain)–, with which the event seeks to remember and highlight both works and filmmakers who played an important role in the history of cinema. The publication will serve to bring the public closer to the figure of Ivens, who was a direct witness with his camera to the most important social changes, crises, wars and revolutions of the 20th century.

The monograph on Ivens produced by FICBUEU is supported by the Secretaría Xeral de Política Lingüística, which has been collaborating with this initiative since its first edition.


Poetic and also committed look 

The Dutch director made more than fifty films in his six-decade career, from his first short, the western The Burning Arrow, which he made with the help of his father when he was only 13 years old, to his last, A Windy Story, about China, which he shot just a year before his death.

Notebook and films go hand in hand at FICBUEU with the aim of highlighting four key facets of this director. As a poetic filmmaker, influenced by the artistic avant-gardes of the beginning of the century, he will show his work with the short film Regen (Rain), an abstract exploration of the effects of rain in a city like Amsterdam. His activist side (social awareness was, in fact, the permanent driving force of his work until the end of his life: a few days before his death he took part in Paris, at the age of 91, in a massive protest against the massacres in Tiananmen Square) will be reflected in Borinage, a film about the Belgian miners’ strikes. 

His adventurous spirit will be represented in the third film included in the screening, Indonesia Calling, in which Ivens showed his support for the independence movement when the Asian country was still a Dutch colony. And finally, we will get to know his facet as a war chronicler, as he filmed almost all of them: the Spanish Civil War (with a short film made with Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles), the Second World War, the Cuban Revolution and the Vietnam War, the setting for Le ciel, la terre (Heaven, Earth), which closes the Festival’s retrospective screening. «His films are a portrait of the last century around the world», sums up Casalderrey.


Galician rap concert, more short films and awards ceremony

Tomorrow’s programme of the FICBUEU also includes the concert of the rap group Malandrómeda (12.30 p.m.), the last two screenings of the short films competing in the «Official Competition», and the FICBUEU 2023 Awards Ceremony. The winners of this 16th edition will be announced in a ceremony that will take place at the Centro Social do Mar of Bueu from 11.00 p.m.

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The FICBUEU increases the audience in its official section by almost 40% and once again hangs the ‘no tickets’ sign for some activities


I On the penultimate day of screening of films in competition, this Friday, nine fiction, animation and documentary short films from 8 countries on 3 continents will be shown

BUEU. PONTEVEDRA. 14.08.2023. Last Saturday, the FICBUEU hung the ‘no tickets’ sign for the screening of the film 20,000 Species of Bees, by director Estibaliz Urresola and was shortlisted for the Oscars. It was the second day of the Festival and it was a good sign. During the first three days of the “Official Section”, the influx of the public increased by more than 37%. Some afternoon sessions, specifically those at 7:30 p.m., had an occupancy close to 90%.

The figures produced by the movement of electronic ticket dispatch already allow us to advance a high level of occupancy in different projections for this weekend. This is the case of the short film competition session on Friday afternoon.

The weekend’s programming includes among its attractions the retrospective dedicated to the Dutch documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens, one of the great figures of the genre in the history of cinema, the concert by the Compostela rap band Malandrómeda and the awards ceremony FICBUEU 2023.


Penultimate day of screenings of the “Official Section”

But first, tomorrow, Friday, the Festival will screen 9 of the 28 short films in competition in the “Official Section.” The screenings (at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.) will bring together fiction, animation and documentary films from Canada, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Somalia and Spain on the screen of the Auditorium of the Centro Social do Mar de Bueu, country with two award candidates: Aqueronte, by Sevillian Manuel Muñoz Rivas (a film that combines drama and fantasy genre, already awarded at the Rotterdam Festival) and Alicia fai cousas, by Galician director and screenwriter Ángel Santos, which won four of the main awards in the last edition of the Cans Festival.

The director from Marín will also star in the “Colloquium with filmmakers” space that will take place tomorrow between the two film sessions. Ángel Santos will talk with the FICBUEU audience (9:00 p.m.) after the screening of his short film, which will allow us to delve into its meaning and the creative process that he developed during its production.


«Saltos de Eje» closes the live podcast section

Tomorrow the “Cinema e Radio” section will also end, which since last Monday has allowed the public to listen live to different radio programs specialized in cinema. The monthly podcast Saltos de Eje will be recorded live (6:00 p.m., in the Amalia Domínguez Búa Room, the Festival’s meeting point) with the aim of creating a space for reflection and dialogue about the current film industry and finding out where it is heading or What are the main challenges and opportunities of the sector. Diego Rufo, creator and coordinator of the podcast, as well as producer and critic, will present it from Bueu.

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Cinema with a female perspective will be the focus of a new colloquium tomorrow at FICBUEU


I Andrea Zapata-Girau from Vigo, director of «Ruovesi», and the actresses of «Anansi», the French Chanel Victor and Marie-Solange Oussou, will have a meeting with the audience after the screening of their short films, competing in the «Official Selection»

I «Cine Divergente» podcast will take over the «Cinema e Radio» section to review the highlights of the Festival’s programme

BUEU. PONTEVEDRA. 13.08.2023. The Bueu International Film Festival, which every year showcases new trends in filmmaking and auteur cinema, will once again focus on the perspective of women working in the audiovisual sector. The space «Talks with filmmakers» will bring together tomorrow a director and two actresses from two of the short films selected in the «Official Selection» of the event. Andrea Zapata-Girau from Vigo, author of Ruovesi, and the French actresses Chanel Victor and Marie-Solange Oussou, actresses of Anansi, will talk to the FICBUEU audience about the keys to the creative processes in their respective films. The meeting will be held from 21:00 in the Sala Amalia Domínguez Búa, after the screening of the short films.

Andrea Zapata-Girau, a filmmaker and editor who lives between Galicia and Finland, the country where she made her first films, will talk about the meaning of geographical and family exile and the inner and political struggle of a woman who survived the Chilean military repression and the relationship she has with her granddaughter. This is the story she tells in her short film, released this year and based on the life of the actress who plays the main role. The title Ruovesi comes from the name of the lake in the Finnish town where the film is set.

The filmmaker and screenwriter from Vigo will be accompanied in tomorrow’s colloquium by Chanel Victor and Marie-Solange Oussou, the main character and supporting actress in the film Anansi, by the French director of African origin Aude N’Guessan Forget, produced by the Paris film school La Fémis, where she trained. Chanel Victor, who is also a painter and photographer, brings to life in this short film a young woman who works in a hairdressing salon, who suffers daily from severe stomach pains and whose life becomes hell when the pain increases. The story is based on the director’s own experience.


Radio continues at FICBUEU

Tomorrow will also see the fourth episode of the space dedicated by FICBUEU to the medium of radio as a vehicle for cultural and cinematographic dissemination. «Cinema e Radio» will have as its guest the podcast Cinema Divergente, a programme that defines itself as an intellectual process of union between cinema and other cultural manifestations to talk about trends, authors and the less commercial circuit. Álvaro Peña, Javier Acevedo and Yago París will record live a new episode of their podcast in which they will review the most outstanding programme of FICBUEU. The activity will begin at 18.00 at the Festival’s meeting point and admission is free.

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Voices from Holland, Finland and Galicia speak about cinema tomorrow at FICBUEU


I The director Hanna Hovitie, the scriptwriter Nena van Driel and the filmmaker Félix Brixel will meet after the screening of their short films in the «Official Selection»

I Cadena SER’s «El Cine de LoQueYoTeDiga», a reference podcast in film information for more than 30 years, will be recorded live and with an audience from the Festival’s venue

BUEU. PONTEVEDRA. 12.08.2023. The voices of three filmmakers with films competing in the «Official Selection» of the FICBUEU will meet tomorrow, from 21.00 hours, in a colloquium in which they will talk about film creation. The meeting, organised by the Festival Internacional de Cinema de Bueu, will be held after the screening of their short films and will allow the audience to delve into their films and their creative process.

Two of the filmmakers come from Northern Europe. One of them is the Finnish Hanna Hovitie, director and screenwriter of Square the Circle, a visually innovative comedy – framed in a circle instead of the usual filmic square– that is self-critical about infinity, space and procrastination in a unique tribute to those people who feel they don’t belong. She will be accompanied in the colloquium by the Dutch Nena van Driel, author of the screenplay of two of the films in competition at the festival: the one to be screened tomorrow, Magma, by Luca Meisters, the story of a 9-year-old girl who finds it difficult to recognise the new reality of her father’s recent disability, and Ma mère et moi, the emotional car journey of a daughter and her mother filmed by Emma Branderhorst, also winner of the FICBUEU Audience Award last year with her short film Spotless.

Hovitie and Van Driel will talk with Félix Brixel, a Galician university professor and filmmaker who is presenting his first professional short film at FICBUEU. Ulises, the story of a man with a severe psychomotor disorder who is cared for by his brother and who one day decides to bury himself alive, was nominated at the Malaga Festival and won the awards for best cinematography and best direction at the Cans Festival.

The «Cinema and Radio» section will also continue tomorrow. The FICBUEU audience will be able to attend the live recording of an episode of the podcast «El Cine de LoQueYoTeDiga», broadcasted by Cadena SER, from 18.00. Directed by Nacho Gonzalo, the programme has been one of the leading radio broadcasters of film information in Spain for more than thirty years, always combining rigorousness and entertainment. In Bueu, Gonzalo will talk about the audiovisual sector and the festival programme. Admission is free.

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