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Cinema and Radio: Podcasts made during FICBUEU 2023 are now available


“Café Derby 21”, “Kinótico”, “El cine de Lo Que Yo te Diga”, “Cine Divergente” and “Saltos de Eje” have just released their recorded chapters from the 16th edition of the festival

The first of the programs in the Cinema and Radio section, Café Derby 21, reviewed the short films from Section GZ_00, using the theme of ‘humanity’ as a common thread. As guests, filmmakers Lucía Estévez and Miguel Canalejo, who participated in the section with their shorts ‘O neno sardiña’ and ‘O coidado,’ take part:

On Tuesday, the Kinótico team took center stage in the programming of FICBUEU 2023, addressing the current state of film festivals and focusing on the titles beginning their journey towards the Oscars. In the episode, María Ruiz-Falcó, co-director of FICBUEU, also participated, discussing the history of the festival:

El Cine de Lo Que Yo Te Diga, which had already visited Bueu in 2019, returned this time to talk with Félix Brixel (director of the short film Ulises), Nena Van Driel (writer of Magma and Ma mère et moi), and Andrea Zapata Girau (director of Ruovesi) about their work and the short film format:

On Thursday, the 14th, it was Cine Divergente’s turn, and their team was joined by the director of Ruovesi, Andrea Zapata Girau, for a conversation about the short film format from various perspectives:

The closing of the Cinema and Radio programming at FICBUEU 2023 was done by Saltos de Eje with the presence of Beli Martínez (teacher and producer at Filmika Galaica), Manuel Pena, and Nerea Lores (co-directors of the festival). The podcast, hosted by Diego Rufo, was dedicated this time to reflecting on the current state of the film industry:

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