The FICBUEU 2019 film programme is accompanied by a variety of activities in which live performances are a must. In addition to the Enric Montefusco concert, the vermouth sessions and the activity with the Caspervek Trio, live music will also be present on the opening and closing days, on children’s programme and on radio shows.

Caspervek Trio, short films with live music. Friday 6th – 22:30h. Centro Social do Mar.

‘Panorama de cinema mudo: 15 anos de pioneiros da sétima arte (1902-1917)’ is the title of the session in which Caspervek Trio will be in charge of providing a soundtrack to three works that are already customary in their repertoire, plus another two that they will premiere for the occasion. In this way, five major films from the origin of cinema, signed by Mèliés, De Chomón, Chaplin, Guy and Griffit, will be screened with live music. Pianist Brais González and percussionist Blas Castañer founded this group in 2013, which was later joined by the violin of Eduards Vecbastiks and, later on, by the also violinist Raquel Fernández.

Vermouth session: High Paw meets Mr. Mou. Saturday 7th – 12:30h. Exteriors of the Centro Social do Mar.

High Paw defined herself as a “singjay” from Vigo, in reference to a type of Jamaican vocal singing, although the music of this country is not her only influence. The show of High Paw as vocalist and guitarist, new promise of the state reggae, will come in this occasion accompanied by Mr. Mou at the casiotone. The public will be able to listen to the duo while tasting a Vermut Lodeiros of Galician production.

Enric Montefusco concert. Saturday 7th – 22:30h. Centro Social do Mar. Tickets.

This is a very special opportunity to enjoy the quality and strength of the live performance of this Barcelona artist, who will present, among others, the tracks from his new solo album, Diagonal. In a room with over 200 seats, Enric Montefusco will delight us with the most poetic, personal and deep part of his music, inviting us to go through the author’s song combined with various styles, from popular folklore to the purest rock that characterizes him. The former leader of the hardcore punk band Standstill has been on stage for twenty years, in which his search for new ways of expression identifies him as one of the most creative, risky and unclassifiable musicians on the state scene, a free artist who knows no frontiers.

Vermouth session: Iván Rodríguez Covers. Sunday 8th – 12:30h. Exteriors of the Centro Social do Mar.

With more than 25 years of experience in different musical formations, Iván Rodríguez will perform versions of pop and rock classics that will undoubtedly dazzle FICBUEU spectators, who will also be able to share a vermouth courtesy of Bodegas Lodeiros while enjoying the live performance.