SATURDAY 8th, 23:00 H

The illustrators Luis Davila and Marc Taeger will fill the auditorium of the Centro Social do Mar with light and sound, accompanied by Fuzzo’s live music, a group made up of three Galician jazz music stars, lovers of improvisation, Virxilio da Silva, Xan Campos and Chus Pazos. “Drawing with light” is an awe-inspiring multisensory artistic proposal inspired in the world of cinema, where the public will travel through different film genres immersing themselves in a perfect conjunction between experimental music and the projection of original drawings made in real time. A unique experience that questions the limits of creativity.

Luis Davila is a graphic designer, illustrator and catoonist. He studied at the Arts and Crafts Pablo Picasso School in A Coruña. He started working for the Galician newspaper Faro de Vigo making infographics, illustrations and the design of inside pages, moving on later to O Bichero, a daily strip in the aforementioned newspaper. He has also self-edited seven volumes of O Bichero, a compilation of his best comic cartoons. Together with the actor Carlos Blanco, he will star in the shows “Menú do Día” and “Menú da Noite”, where they combine comical monologues and live animation.

Marc Taeger was born in Switzerland and grew up between Italy, Portugal, Germany and Spain. He studied at the Superior Visual Communication School of Tries and is, nowadays, living in Bueu, from where he works as an illustrator and designer for advertising campaigns, publishing houses and press. He has exhibited his work in Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, París, San José (Costa Rica) or Shanghai. During his professional career he has been awarded with prizes like the Daniel Gil award for illustration and two LAUS, given by the Spanish Association of Graphic Designers.

Fuzzo is a musical group that brings together three big names of Galicia jazz: Virxilio da Silva on guitar, Xan Campos with the synthesizer and Chus Pazos on drums. They define themselves as a free and accumulative improvisation band with an aesthetic close to psychedelic rock and electronic music, without leaving behind improvisation as the essential means of expression.