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Under the objective of promoting the incorporation of audiovisual media in classrooms, encouraging its use both as an educational and creative tool of expression, we have collaborated on numerous occasions with the Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Universidade, developing activities in various educational centers since 2017.

These collaborations consist of audiovisual projections and colloquiums, which seek to encourage critical thinking in students and expose them to current topics present in the educational curriculum, as well as various educational and informative talks, in which we aim to introduce them to the language of audiovisual media and provide them with basic tools that facilitate and promote its use as a means of expression.

Some of the educational centers we have visited in recent years include: IES Illa de Ons, CEIP A Pedra and IES Johan Carballeira in Bueu; CEIP Nazaret in Cangas; IES Sánchez Cantón and IES Xunqueira II in Pontevedra; IES Salvaterra do Miño; CEIP Pedro Antonio Cerviño in Campo Lameiro; IES Castelao and Colexio Labor in Vigo; CEIP Sobrada in Tomiño; IES Vilalonga; CEIP Sequelo in Marín; CEIP Vilaxoán; CEIP Vilaboa; CEIP Espiñeira in Aldán, etc.

In 2023, we launched a new project with the collaboration of the Consellería de Educación de la Xunta de Galicia, through which we bring audiovisual media to several Galician educational centers. Under the name “Cinema with perspective,” the program is created with the objective of providing resources for coeducation to public educational centers that teach primary and compulsory secondary education, and thus contribute to achieving effective equality and rights between women and men, preventing gender violence, and promoting respect for affective-sexual diversity.

The project continues in 2024 and offers the possibility of having our team conduct creation workshops where we will introduce the language of cinema to students, as well as screening sessions where film will foster critical thinking and aesthetic and artistic education for attendees.

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