The audience will have the opportunity to meet in different areas with recognized professionals of the cinematographic field, both Galician and international. A direct contact that will allow them to exchange impressions, with the collaboration of interpreters when necessary.

Meeting with Luis Zahera. Saturday 7th – 18:00h. Centro Social do Mar.

The Meeting with Luis Zahera will take the form of an interview, hosted by the journalist Pilar García Rego, in which the public is invited to participate. The conversation, after which the actor will receive the Cinema Galego Award 2019, will be completed with the screening of the short films O Matachín and Marina, and a chapter from the web series Entre pipas. Luis Zahera entered our homes at the end of the 90’s as the legendary barman “Petróleo” of Mareas vivas and nowadays he has a wide experience in television, theatre and cinema, where this year he was recognized with the Goya for the best supporting role for his intervention in El reino.

Coming closer, a coffee with Proxecta. Saturday 7th – 10:30h. Meeting Point.

Representatives of the festivals integrated in Proxecta, Galician Coordination Committee of Film Festivals, will participate in this open forum that will revolve around the role of volunteering in this type of contests. The round table will also make it possible to reflect across the different challenges faced by the organisers when it comes to managing staff. At the same time, the public will be able to share a coffee courtesy of Cafés Candelas with members of the festival’s management, team and volunteers.

Coming closer, a coffee with CREA. Sunday 8th – 10:30h. Meeting Point.

One more year we will count on the participation of the Association of Galician Filmmakers (CREA), on this occasion to talk about their experiences in film festivals, both nationally and internationally. In the midst of a coffee, courtesy of Cafés Candelas, the filmmakers will share with the attendees their own impressions about this type of event, if they take advantage of it or if, on the contrary, their presence in them is rarely rewarded.

Colloquium: Galicia R Section. Saturday 7th – 21:30h. Meeting Point.

Filmmakers, producers and performers of the short films in the Galicia R Section will be present at the 20:30 screening at the Centro Social do Mar to give way to their work, while, at the end, they will participate in a colloquium with the public at the Meeting Point.

Colloquium: International Section. Monday 9th / Tuesday 10th / Wednesday 11th / Thursday 12th / Friday 13th – 21:15h. Meeting Point.

Filmmakers from different countries will present their films in the two daily screenings of the International Section, which will take place from Monday to Friday at the Centro Social do Mar at 19:45 and 22 hours. At the end of the first session, the guests will move to the Meeting Point to discuss with the festival audience.