In this section we will show films made in learning centres during the last year, from primary schools to universities. With this activity we want to recognise new talent in the Galician audiovisual world and encourage the teaching community to continue their work.

Saturday 14th, 11 a.m
ABRETUMENTE OPENYOURMIND 2019 / SPAIN. School: CEP Lois Tobío. Grade: 5º Educación Primaria / 7 min. -

Inclusion, respect, solidarity, zero violence, tolerance... values for which we must fight!

MARUXA E PEPIÑO MARUXA & PEPIÑO 2019 / SPAIN, SCHOOL: CEIP Plurilingüe de Guillarei. Grade: 4º de Educación Primaria / 5 min. -

Maruxa takes care of all the domestic chores while Pepiño spends his time watching the grass grow, until one day... things are reversed.

NOVAMENTE FELIZ HAPPY AGAIN 2018 / SPAIN, SCHOOL: CEIP de Caión. Grade: 5° e 6° de Educación Primaria / 5 min. -

After her grandfather suffered a medical setback, a teenager with a complicated life is forced to move in with some old family friends.

REGUEIFANDO EN MARÍN REGUEIFANDO IN MARÍN 2018 / SPAIN, SCHOOL: CEIP Do Carballal de Marín. Grade: 4º de primaria / 3 min. -

Music video with lyrics and original music where we can get to see two bands discuss the singing accent of the inhabitants of Marín to finally end up laughing together.

A CONTRALUZ IN BACKLIGHT 2018 / SPAIN, SCHOOL: CPI Eusebio Lorenzo Baleirón. Grade: 4º da ESO / 5 min. -

Music video based on the LP song "Lost on you". The video is a call for everyone to join the feminist movement. It is not just a matter of women. Men must be involved for the fight to be real and effective.

ERROR 404. GIRL NOT FOUND ERROR 404. GIRL NOT FOUND 2019 / SPAIN, SCHOOL: IES Politécnico de Vigo. Grade: 1º Bachillerato Artes / 7 min. -

A girl sends her partner a video-recorded confession, which will trigger his reaction.

MAIS EU NON SON EU BUT I AM NOT ME 2018 / SPAIN, SCHOOL: IES de Brión. Grade: 1º 2º e 3º da ESO / 4 min. -

Music video made by secondary school students out of a theme composed and interpreted by themselves.

O MEU MELLOR INIMIGO MY BEST ENEMY 2018 / SPAIN, SCHOOL: IES de Cacheiras. Grade: 4º da ESO / 3 min. -

We all have fears.

A NINGUNA PARTE TO NOWHERE 2019 / SPAIN, SCHOOL: Facultade de Ciencias Sociais e da Comunicación (Universidade de Vigo ). Grade: 3º de Comunicación Audiovisual / 12 min. -

Carla goes out on a party night. In her way back home, she finds a stunned girl and tries to help her. As a result of dealing with an unexpected situation, a part of her personality that was asleep comes to the surface.

MEMORIAS DE RODAXE MEMORIES OF SHOOTING 2019 / SPAIN, SCHOOL: IES Audiovisual de Vigo. Grade: 2º Producción Audiovisual,2º Realiación AV, 2º Imaxe, 2º Son, 1º Son / 7 min. -

The Vigo film director Fon Cortizo sends an audio message to the director Xisela Franco, in which he remembers a recent party that both of them assisted. Fon had a bad night, has a fever and suffered a state of reverie in which he imagined large empty containers. Thus, Fon comes to the conclusion that this dreamt space has the necessary ingredients to build a story.
In Xisela Franco's answer, she talks about the films she made in 8 mm of different locations in Vigo and her idea of the cinematographic space in the city itself.

NA MEMORIA DA TÚA ESPOSA IN YOUR WIFE'S MEMORY 2019 / SPAIN. SCHOOL: Falcultade de Ciencias Sociais e da Comunicación (Universidad de Vigo). Grade: 3º de Comunicación Audiovisual / 7 min -

Adela is a seventy-one year old woman who lives in an abandoned village in the Galician countryside. The magic of the place surrounds the old population that is completely isolated from the outside world.
She, who dedicated her whole life to her husband, family and home, finds herself in a situation of bewilderment after losing what she dedicated her whole life to. It is now a continuous routine between going to church and the cemetery to visit her husband's grave, maintaining the role with which she has always lived. She does not know how to be if it is not for someone else.

PEGASO 650 PEGASO 650 2019 / SPAIN. SCHOOL: Falcultade de Ciencias Sociais e da Comunicación (Universidad de Vigo). Grade: 3º de Comunicación Audiovisual / 7 min -

The Vista Alegre School of Vigo was returning on 10 April 1979 from a trip to Madrid, when on the bridge over the Órbigo River, in Santa Cristina de la Polvorosa, they suffered an accident. Only 9 children and one soldier survived. Different people will describe us what the following days were like and how the event is remembered nowadays.

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