Selection of works made in Spain, or by Spanish directors, the last year.

Sunday 9th, 8 p.m.
LA INÚTIL THE USELESS Belén Funes 2017 / SPAIN / 17 min. - Nausicaa Bonnín, María Rodríguez, Borja Espinosa.

Merche is too proud to explain how she feels. And the truth is that she feels bad, she feels completely useless.

EL VESTIT THE DRESS David González 2017 / SPAIN / 15 min. - Marta Aguilar, Sergi Torrecilla.

The baby doesn’t take the bottle. The mother still doesn’t know what dress to wear. The father wakes up. He seems to be feeling better today.

LOS DESHEREDADOS THE DISINHERITED Laura Ferrés 2017 / SPAIN / 18 min. - Pere Ferrés, Mari Álvarez, Pedro Olivares, Ignasi Martínez.

This is a portrait of the director's father facing the end of the family business. Pere Ferrés is 53 years old and in charge of a bus company. The shortage of income forces him to organise bachelor parties where customers often destroy the vehicle, but he isn’t willing to lose his dignity.

MADRE MOTHER Rodrigo Sorogoyen 2017 / SPAIN / 18 min. - Marta Nieto, Blanca Apilanez, Álvaro Balas.

An everyday conversation between Marta and her mother turns into a tragic race against time, when Marta receives a phone call from her son.

EL ESCARABAJO AL FINAL DE LA CALLE THE BEETLE AT THE END OF THE STREET Joan Vives Lozano 2017 / SPAIN / 19 min. - Joan Gadea, Carme Juan, Alexandra Lacaita.

Amadeo is a good person. Since his wife died, he takes care of his father-in-law, Agustín, who is disabled. Due to this, he doesn't participate much in social life in the village. One he is told that he has only seven days to live. This fact will develop a series of events that will change his life completely.

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