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FICBUEU Channel: all live broadcasts of the 16th edition of the festival are now on YouTube


During FICBUEU 2023, it was possible to enjoy many of the activities in a virtual format. In addition to podcasts, the FICPAPER, or the colloquiums, it is now possible to view other events from the program that were live-streamed on Twitch to facilitate access for those who were not physically present at the event.

The FICBUEU YouTube channel now features more content from this latest edition. In the coming months, there will be different interviews with filmmakers and actress Luisa Merelas (FICBUEU 2023 Galician Cinema Award), as well as all the interventions that comprised the 2nd Cinematic Days of FICBUEU.

This time, we share with you the videos that document the presentations of “Caderno FICBUEU#4,” dedicated to the figure of Joris Ivens and created by Severiano Casalderrey, and “La pantalla porosa,” a publication by Diego Rufo (Saltos de eje) that examines the current state of cinema from various perspectives. On the other hand, the award ceremony of FICBUEU 2023 and the Galician Schools Gala, events where the 16th edition’s winners were announced, can be watched again on the festival’s channel.

FICBUEU#4 Monograph

A new edition of the FICBUEU Monographs collection is dedicated this time to the documentarian Joris Ivens and his work in the field of short films. During its presentation, led by its author, Severiano Casalderrey, the audience could learn more details about the content and the research process undertaken for this volume.

“La pantalla porosa” by Diego Rufo

On Saturday, the 16th, we collaborated with Librería Miranda in the presentation of Diego Rufo’s book “La pantalla porosa,” a publication about the changes the film industry is undergoing.

FICBUEU 2023 Award Ceremony

Following all the screenings of the competitive sections of the 16th edition of FICBUEU, the award-winning short films in each category were announced in an event featuring various filmmakers and audiovisual professionals.

Galician Schools Gala

The main day of MiniFIC started with the gala, awarding short films made in different schools in Galicia. Hosted by Olalla González and Marc Taeger, and with the support of Kalandraka and Fundación Novas, our youngest audience had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful event where their works were screened.

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