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The list of winners of the FICBUEU 2022 is completed after the celebration of the Galician Schools Ceremony


The prizes in the Special Education, Infant and Primary and Secondary Sections complete the selection of winning shorts.

After the celebration of the Galician Schools Ceremony 2022 of the Bueu International Film Festival, the winners of the 15th edition were completed, with the announcement of the winning short films in the Sections of Special, Early Childhood and Primary Education and Secondary Education.

On Monday, the award-winning pieces were announced in the Image and Sound Schools and Galician Faculties section, with ‘Algas Negras‘, from the students of the IES Audiovisual de Vigo winning the €250 prize in audiovisual training and the corresponding trophy, and in the  International Schools section, with ‘Yi-Yi‘ by Giselle Lin from Lasalle College of Arts obtaining the finalist diploma in a close dispute with ‘The fall of Ibis King‘ by Mikai Geronimo and Josh O’Caoimh, who got a Special Mention in the category.

The seventh celebration of the award ceremony for youth, which had the support of Kalandraka and the Fundación Novas, was led by Bea Campos and took place on Friday 23rd at 11:30 a.m., with the presence of the finalist schools . These were the CEIP Plurilingüe San Marcos (Abegondo), the CEIP Do Hío (Cangas), the CEIP Do Carballal (Marín), the CEIP Plurilingüe A Pedra (Bueu) and the CRA Amencer (San Paio) in Special, Early Childhood and Primary Education, and the IES As Barxas (Moaña), the IES Praia Barraña (Boiro), the CPI Eusebio Lorenzo Baleirón (Dodro), the IES Terra de Trasancos (Narón) and the CPI Alcalde Xosé Pichel (Coristanco) in Secondary Education.

On this occasion, the act included the screenings of all the finalist short films in each category and, finally, the diplomas were delivered to the participating schools and the awards to the winning pieces. These were, as resolved by the Schools Jury, ‘Que van dicir de nós‘ by the CPI Alcalde Xosé Pichel in Secondary Education and ‘Carolina e o corvo de ás brancas‘ by the CEIP do Hío in Special, Early Childhood and Primary Education, both awards composed for €150 in audiovisual material and an award.

Several activities closed the MiniFIC in the evening session

The Minific program continued in the afternoon with various activities for the enjoyment of all audiences. At 4:00 p.m. in the Sala Multiusos, a storyboard workshop was held by Gáidil Bueu, in which the attendees were able to transform a short story into images, discovering the storyboard as a tool when planning creation of a film.

At 5:00 p.m. outside the Centro Social do Mar the youth were able to enjoy the Consertasso na Horta by the musician Brais das Hortas, organized thanks to the support of the Pontevedra Provincial Council – Pontegal. In the concert, the charismatic artist played various characters flowing in different musical styles and showing a portrait of today’s society from a humorous perspective. At the event, it was also possible to participate in a Kombucha tasting by Meraki Ferments. To end the day, the screening session of the Family Short Film Section was held at 6:30 p.m., in which up to eight international short films were screened for family audiences.

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