The 25 most appreciated works in competion for the prices.


Monday 10th, 19:45 p.m and 22:00 p.m
CHASSE ROYALE CHASSE ROYALE Lise Akoka & Romane Gueret 2016 / FRANCE / 28 min - Angélique Gernez, Eddhy Dupont, Dhalia Humbert.

Angélique, 13, lives with her many brothers and sisters, in the suburb of Valenciennes. This day, at school, she is offered to pass an audition for a film.

HEYVAN ANIMAL Bahram & Bahman Ark 2017 / IRAN / 15 min - Davoud Noorpoor

A man who wants to pass the border, disguises himself as a ram.

DEPENDENT DEPENDENT Phil Sheerin 2017 / UK / 18 min - Jack Willis, Victoria May, Sébastien Hardy, Mark Smalley.

Josh is in a care home far from his mother. One day he gets a phone call from this mum and he breaks out to help her, but what she wants isn’t what Josh expects…

VIHTA HATE François Bierry 2017 / FRANCE-BELGIUM / 21 min - Wim Willaert, Jean-Benoit Ugeux, Olivier Bonjour, Jérémie Petrus.

Serge and his four colleagues are invited by their new boss to enjoy a day in a thermal centre.

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