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Miguel de Lira will be the Galician Cinema Award of the FICBUEU 2022


The actor, known for his career in cinema, television and theater, will receive the award and will be interviewed by the journalist and producer Gaspar Broullón.

The actor Miguel de Lira (Miguel Domingo García), who owes his artist name to his origins in the parish of Santa María de Lira, in the municipality of Carnota, will receive the 2022 FICBUEU Galician Cinema Award. An award created with the aim of recognize the trajectory and the work carried out in the Galician audiovisual industry by the actresses and actors of the community, joining winners in previous editions such as Alfonso Agra, Antonio Durán ‘Morris’, Mabel Rivera, Luis Zahera or Melania Cruz.

Her extensive career began during her university years, when she entered the theatrical world, founding in 1986 together with other colleagues the Chévere group, still in force today. In this group, distinguished with the National Theater Award in 2014, he developed as a director, actor and producer. Shortly after, in 1989, he would make the leap to television and cinema, making his debut in the comedy program on TVG Velaí… and in the film Urxa.

From that moment on, he combined performances on television, participating in series such as Mareas Vivas, Pepe o Inglés or Los Hombres de Paco, with others in cinema, acting in Entre bateas, Crebinsky or Eroski Paraíso. Even so, de Lira did not neglect other formats such as theater or short films, with both having an interesting number of works behind him.

Recently, his roles in feature films such as Cuñados by Toño López, Ons by Alfonso Zarazuza, Dhogs by Andrés Goteira or A esmorga by Ignacio Vilar stand out, as well as others in well-known series such as Vivir sin permiso or Matadero.

The more than twenty films in which he participated and innumerable works in other formats earned him up to six nominations for the Mestre Mateo, winning the award for Best Actor a total of three times. In this way, de Lira will increase his record with a Galician Cinema Award that recognizes his prolific career and his contribution and commitment to Galician society and culture.

The actor will participate in this 15th edition of the Bueu International Film Festival in an interesting interview with the journalist and producer Gaspar Broullón, with whom he will review the most notable moments of his career. This conversation will be available online after the festival through the new FICBUEU Channel.

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