With the title Mini-FIC, a complete agenda of activities aimed at children is programmed for the last day of the FICBUEU, with the sponsorship of the fishing company Agustín Santomé SL. These proposals are added to the Sesións Miúdas, in which Children, Junior and Twinning’ sections will be screened, and they will be attended by more than 1,500 students from nine schools based in O Morrazo.

Galician Schools Gala. Saturday 14th – 11:00h. Centro Social do Mar.

The audiovisual in education will be the focus of this event open to the public, led by actress and narrator Beatriz Campos, with the collaboration of Kalandraka publishing house. During the event, the winning short films of the Galician Schools Section will be screened and prizes will be awarded in the three categories into which it is subdivided: Special Education, Pre-school and Primary; Secondary Education; and Faculties and Schools of Image. The aim is to recognize and make visible the great work that is being done from the educational centers in audiovisual matters, valuing and stimulating the creativity of the filmmakers of the future.

Workshop ‘Cinema sounds good’. Saturday 14th – 12:30h. Centro Social do Mar.

In this educational activity, Caspervek Trio will highlight the important role played by music in cinema, complementing and enhancing visual content. Through the games, the band made up of Brais González, Brais Castañer and Raquel Fernández will challenge the family audience to identify different films by their soundtrack and will even travel to the beginning of the seventh art to discover silent film screenings with live music. For this they will have the support of the musicologist and pedagogue Erea Carbajales.

Tales and cinema. Saturday 14 – 17:00h. Meeting Point.

This storytelling session will merge the stories told by Olalla González and the real-time illustrations of Marc Taeger, a proposal that will allow children to enjoy oral narration and live animation. Olalla González, a teacher specialized in reading animation, is also the author of several illustrated albums, while Marc Taeger works as a designer and illustrator for advertising campaigns, publishing houses and the press. His graphic work has been recognized with several awards.

PunkInfantil concert. Saturday 14th – 18:00h. Exteriors of the Centro Social do Mar.

Peter Punk and Brais das Hortas star in this show by the Charlatana cooperative in which a rocker and a children’s singer are forced to share the stage. Both characters connect with the youngest and with the children’s world through play and references to their concerns, leaving aside the more adult concept of punk. A whole of live music, humour and juggling, where fun is guaranteed.