Section focused on short film format works that make up the History of Cinema.

LA LUXURE LUST JACQUES DEMY 1962 / FRANCE / 14 MIN - Jean-Louis Trintignant, Laurent Terzieff, Jean Desailly, Micheline Presle, Nicole Berger.

Paul and Bernard are searching in the Jerome Bosch's "Jardin des délices" reproductions, a definition of lust itself. Bernard remembers his childhood, when he confused lust with luxury.
Fragment of the film Les sept péchés capitaux, in which seven filmmakers use the capital sins as a reason to develop their different stories.

ANTOINE ET COLETTE ANTOINE AND COLETTE FRANÇOIS TRUFFAUT 1961 / FRANCE / 29 MIN - Jean-Pierre Léaud, Marie-France Pisier, Jean-François Adam, Patrick Auffay, François Darbon, Pierre Schaeffer, Rosy Varte.

Almost-20-year-old Antoine lives in a hotel and works at Phillips packaging records; he loves music. At a music concert, he meets a girl his own age, Colette, and falls in love for the first time.
First segment of the film L'amour à vingt ans, the second film around Antoine Doinel's character after Les 400 coups.

L´HOMME QUI VENDIT LA TOUR EIFFEL THE MAN WHO SOLD THE EIFFEL CLAUDE CHABROL 1964 / FRANCE / 20 MIN - Jean-Pierre Cassel, Francis Blanche, Catherine Deneuve, Jean-Louis Maury, Sacha Briquet, Philomène Toulouse, Michel Charrel, Marcel Gassouk.

A man breaks his car in front of the residence of a rich and eccentric German obsessed by the Eiffel Tower. He announces him that the State wants to get rid of it at scrap prices and invites him to Paris to participate in the auction.
Episode of Les Plus Belles Escroqueries du monde, film that recreates different real scams that have taken place in some of the main cities on the planet.

LES VEUVES DE 15 ANS THE 15 YEAR-OLD WIDOWS JEAN ROUCH 1965 / FRANCE / 26 MIN - Nadine Ballot, Marie France De Chabaneix, Michel Aracheguesne, Véronique Duval, Marc Kalinoski, Didier Léon, Maurice Pialat.

Marie-France and Véronique are two Parisian students who enjoy a carefree lifestyle. Protected by their family and friends, they only care about pursuing love, and happiness.
Initially titled "Marie-France et Véronique", as part of the collective film La fleur del'âge or Les adolescents, it gets a new life as an independent short film.

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