The Panorama Section is the perfect complement for our competitive sections, a space where we can continue to expand our horizons. This section is made up of seventeen new unforgettable stories, continuing to support the way in which cinema can become an inexhaustible source understanding of the world, but also an important tool to learn to know ourselves.


FAMILLE FAMILY CATHERINE COSME 2018 / BELGIUM / 20 MIN - Maia Sandoz, Consolate Siperius, Nathan Damna, Tayla Shimba, Thierry Hellin, Alice Vers.

Lisa gives refuge to a Somalian family while they are waiting for a foreigners services notification . In Lisa's house, two worlds are meeting. Among benevolence, silence, and communication problems, doubt and anxiety raise.

ALL THESE CREATURES ALL THESE CREATURES CHARLES WILLIAMS 2018 / AUSTRALIA / 15 MIN - Yared Scott, Mandela Mathia, Helen Hailu, Melody Demessie.

An adolescent boy attempts to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unraveling of his father, and the little creatures inside us all.

WEIGHTLIFTER WEIGHTLIFTER DMYTRO SUKHOLYTKYY-SOBCHUK 2018 / UKRAINE - POLAND / 30 MIN - Aleksandr Loy, Valeria Khilko, Yuriy Shcherbyna, Maxim Bereznuk, Larysa Rusnak.

At first sight, this is a story of a true price of a victory.

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