DAR BEYN IN BETWEEN ALIYAR RASTI 2018 / IRAN / 25 MIN - Neda Jebraeili, Saber Abar, Soheila Salehi, Sajad Afsharian

A crime scene investigation is in progress. A young woman is forced to recreate the events leading up to the tragic death of her boyfriend for a detective and his assistant. She sustains that it was an accident and that she’s innocent, but the detective thinks otherwise.

BEAUTIFUL LOSER BEAUTIFUL LOSER MAXIME ROY 2018 / FRANCE / 25 MIN - François Créton, Roméo Créton, Romane Bohringer, Youssef Hajdi.

Michel is an ex-punk who spends half his life in his garage and half in his flat, a converted cellar. With Leo, his teenage son, they get up to live all sorts of mischief while simultaneously trying to manage looking after the baby Michel just had with Hélène, his ex-wife. Needless to say, his years of drugs and alcohol haven’t left him unscathed.

SLEEPWALK SLEEPWALK FILIPE MELO 2018 / PORTUGAL-USA / 15 MIN - Greg Lucey, Durant Mcleod, Joy Green.

A man goes on a journey for a slice of apple pie.

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