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The FICBUEU Residency is a training program dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of short films in their development stage, in which different prestigious professionals will personally accompany and tutor the projects. The main objective of this training space is to promote innovative projects that stand out for showing a genuine authorial vision, focusing on the script work and the initial conception of the projects from a director’s point of view. Through different meetings and specific trainings, the project takes on a multidisciplinary character that promotes cross-cutting learning and enables new ways of access to production.


The selected works will have an authorial character, highlighting proposals that experiment with cinematic language. In the selection process of the participating projects, proposals that show their own artistic vision and innovative narrative conception will be positively valued.

In addition, in line with the principles of the FICBUEU Association, projects with a marked social character will be given special consideration, thus promoting the visibility of social inclusivity and cultural, territorial and ethnographic diversity in audiovisual offerings.

Furthermore, proposals that usually face greater difficulties in production will be favoured, obtaining support and tools from different areas that facilitate the overcoming of the different phases of creation and ensure their viability.

The participation guidelines include a selection strategy designed to guarantee the representation of languages, communities, individuals, and themes, as well as to bridge the gender and generational gap.


The program will take place on the Island of Ons, a natural space in the municipality of Bueu and belonging to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

The choice of this location responds to several reasons:

To continue contributing to territorial cohesion through the realization of cultural projects beyond the main population centers.

To promote the cohesion of the working group.

To encourage concentration on the selected projects.

To offer a space of calm and reflection for creative development.

To favour the intensive methodology of the program.


The project is aimed at achieving two main objectives: improving the quality and viability of works by strengthening a personal vision, language, and tone, and acquiring tools and resources that allow for a multidisciplinary perspective on the production process. 

Taking into account the purpose and objectives of this training space as well as its duration, the FICBUEU creation residency project will base its methodology on three main blocks: personalized tutoring, specific formations, and joint practical activities (round tables and one-to-one meetings) that promote cooperation and the valorization of diverse perspectives.


Each year, under the premise of comprehensive strengthening of the works, the tutors will be renowned filmmakers who meet the profile of director/screenwriter. 

During the tutoring sessions, the strengths and weaknesses of the projects will be jointly analysed with the resident participants, with the aim of making significant improvements in fundamental aspects of the script (narrative structure, plot, character creation, dialogue, subtext, etc.), as well as defining the character of the film in all its areas from the point of view of direction.


Considering that in most independent productions, the filmmaker directly participates in all phases of film creation, the residency includes several specific trainings in different areas. In this way, residents can expand their knowledge about different aspects and phases intrinsic to the complete development of the project.


At the end of each edition of the FICBUEU Residence, one screenplay project will be selected to be produced by a Galician production company.


From October 9th to October 15th, 2023


Isabel Peña

The inaugural edition of the residency will be tutored by screenwriter Isabel Peña, who holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarra and a specialization in Screenwriting from the ESCAC. She received the Goya Award 2019 and the Feroz Award 2019 for the screenplay of the film El reino (2018), as well as the Goya Award 2023 and the Medal of the Circle of Film Writers 2023 for the feature film As bestas (2022). She is also a co-writer of the films “Stockholm” (2013) and Que Dios nos perdone (2016), which won the Jury Prize for Best Screenplay at the San Sebastián Film Festival.

During the residency week, she will hold individual sessions with each of the authors for the revision and advancement of their works, as well as group meetings to encourage synergy and collaborative work. Prior to this, she will be part of the selection jury for the participating projects and will outline the pedagogical lines to follow.


Screenplay with a gender perspective

Screenwriting workshop aimed at promoting gender equality values, taught by Carmen Ávalos. Doctor, screenwriter, and anthropologist with extensive experience in cinema and teaching. She has given various seminars and courses on how to write screenplays with a gender perspective, and is a national reference in this area.

VFX from the origin of the project

Learning of resources oriented to improve the visual aspects of short film projects taught by Pablo Lamosa – Cormorán VFX. He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Vigo and specialized in editing and post-production at the CENTA School. He combines his work in post-production with teaching and collaboration in various projects.

New distribution models

Exploring the opportunities and options provided by digital platforms for cinema, taught by Elena Neira. PhD student and educator whose research focuses on new distribution models, big data, and transmedia products. She has written multiple books on these topics, as well as articles in various publications..

The I FICBUEU Residency has a grant from Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte and the sponsorship of Xunta de Galicia through the Consellería de Promoción do Emprego e Igualdade and the Consellería de Cultura, Educación, Formación Profesional e Universidades.

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