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The FICBUEU will screen a session of short films at Ambienta, the International LGBTIQA+ Film Festival in Pontevedra


One more year the FICBUEU will be responsible for the section ‘Ambienta en curta’.

The screening will take place on July 1 in the Plaza de la Pedreira in Pontevedra.

The Bueu International Film Festival will once again bring the short format closer to Ambienta, the Pontevedra LGBTIQA+ International Film Festival. It will be in the ‘Ambienta en curta’ section, where you can see five pieces that show the different realities of the groups and that will contribute to the dissemination of cinema for diversity, the main objective of the event.

The session will take place on the last day of the exhibition, on Friday, July 1 at 10:30 p.m. in an open-air space such as Plaza de la Pedreira in Pontevedra. Previously there will be a closing act with music related to the cinema by Palito Dj. Admission will be free until the available forum is full.


The program will include titles known to the FICBUEU audience, since two of the works that can be seen in this ‘Ambienta en curta’, such as “Dustin”, by Naïlla Guiguet, and “Son of Sodom”, by Theo Montoya, participated in the 2021 International Section, with “Dustin” taking the awards for Best Music and Best Sound. The other titles that will be screened are “Ensom Cowgirl” by Gina Kippenbroeck, “Victoria” by Daniel Toledo and “Marlon Brando” by Vicent Tilanus.

Still from “Dustin

Although the FICBUEU will be in charge of putting the finishing touch to this year’s Ambienta on July 1, the different acts of the exhibition will begin on June 27. In this way, this edition will have three other screening sections.

On the one hand, ‘Ambienta Actual’, a selection that delves into contemporary society and its course through screenings of the titles “A primeira morte de Joana”, by Cristiane Oliveira, and “ÉTÉ 85” , by François Ozon, organized by Avante LGBT+.

On the other hand, there will be the ‘Ambienta Doc’ section, a proposal made with the participation of the Pedro Zerolo Cinematheque and which brings together documentary pieces that explore the different ways of representing groups, such as Borja Lynch’s work “Triángulos rosas”.

Finally, there will also be a look at the past with the ‘Ambienta Clásica’, in which important titles are recovered that help to discover the presence of the group in the history of cinema, such as “Tokyo Godfathers” by Satoshi Kon and Shôgo Furuya , and which will be organized by the Cineclube de Pontevedra.

In addition to the different sessions, the program of the exhibition also includes the presentation of a video clip made by Laura Cadenas Amandi, Enzo Sarmiento and Éric Dopazo, a meeting with the actress, politician and trans activist Carla Antonelli, who will also present the documentary “Triángulos rosas”, and a closing musical act by Palito Dj.

It will be the second year that the Concello de Pontevedra has carried out the exhibition under the name Ambienta, which since its inception had FICBUEU as one of its collaborating entities. The entire program of the event can be consulted on the website.

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