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All the discussions with filmmakers from FICBUEU 2023 are now available


The filmmaker meetings that took place after the screening sessions of the 16th edition can be viewed throughout the year on the FICBUEU YouTube Channel.

Q&A GZ_00 Section

The first colloquium in the program with directors Miguel Canalejo, Santi Teijelo, Nacho Ozores, Marta Valverde, Laura, and Coral Piñeiro, conducted by the co-director of the event, Manuel Pena. The short film “30’ 70 60’ 120,” by Vigo director Marta Valverde, won the award in the first of this section, with the jury stating that it is a “daring piece that blends genres and styles very well.”

Q&A Official 1 Section

With actress Hannah Van Lunteren, from the film “Ma mère et moi.” The film “Ma mére et moi,” directed by Dutch filmmaker Emma Branderhorst, was awarded the Second Prize at FICBUEU 2023 for “subtly and delicately capturing that decisive moment with which everyone identifies, when a child has to grow up, and a mother has to let go.” That’s the story of young Kees and her mother Lois, reflected in this short film. Emma Branderhorst, who won the Audience Award last year with “Spotless,” a film that raises awareness about menstrual poverty, couldn’t personally collect the festival award, but the film’s screenwriter, Nena van Driel, did.

Q&A Official 2 Section

With director Tonia Mishaili, from the film “Daphne,” and María G. Royo, producer of the film “Aqueronte.”

Q&A Official 3 Section

With director Hanna Hovitie, from the film “Ympyrän Neliömisestä;” Felix Brixel, director of “Ulises,” and Nena Van Driel, screenwriter of the film “Magma.”

“Ulises,” a work by Félix Brixel, a director from Rianxo, won the award for the best Galician short film for its “enigmatic and intriguing story about fraternal love” and the “striking visual effects” that complement it.

Q&A Official 4 Section

With actress Channel Victor, from the film “Anansi,” and Andrea-Zapata Girau, director of the film “Ruovesi.”

Q&A Official 5 Section

With co-director Ángel Santos, from the film “Alicia hace cosas,” the Galician short film presented in this screening session.

Q&A Official 6 Section

With co-director David Fidalgo, from the film “Sandwich cat.” An animated short film in which the director himself receives an unexpected visitor that leads to a crucial reflection for humanity.”

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