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FICBUEU Seminars

II Cinema Seminars

– 9th september 2024 –


Nieves Febrer is a researcher, teacher and music photographer. With a PhD in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Valladolid, in 2008 she published the book Entorno y Artificio. Imágenes de lo cotidiano, in which she deals with the representation of everyday life in contemporary art in recent decades. At the conference, Febrer focused on the concept of the everyday and its visual construction based on works by various artists and filmmakers.


A meeting in which these two professionals addressed everyday life in film through the work of different authors. Selecting creators and creators who are references in sensitive cinema, they will explore how they express these themes and aspects in their audiovisual works. 


Three professionals analyzed Ozu’s work as a reference point for sensitive, everyday cinema. This meeting was moderated by Santos Díaz and featured the participation of the architect Marta Peris, author of the thesis La casa japonesa a través del cine de Yasujiro Ozu, professor Antonio Santos, specialist in Japanese and Asian cinema and author of the thesis Elogio del silencio: Yasujiro Ozu en los tiempos de estruendo (1903-1963) and Professor Jordi Puigdomènech, researcher and author of works such as Yasujiro Ozu, el tiempo y la nada, among others.


Meeting with Izaskun Urkijo, in charge of the aesthetics of the film 20,000 especies de abejas from the discipline of art direction. The professional talked about her role as art director of this work in which the discovery of Cocó’s identity is mixed with the Basque rural environment, focusing on the creation and aesthetic planning of the film.

Izaskun Urkijo, with a degree in Architecture and a diploma in Urban Planning, is the art director of 20,000 especies de abejas. Her filmography includes her work in this discipline in the films Ane and Errementari, as well as the short films El carné and Mother.


To complete the meeting with Izaskun Urkijo, FICBUEU screened the film 20,000 especies de abejas on Saturday. Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren’s first feature film introduces us to eight-year-old Cocó, who does not recognise herself in the eyes of others and is searching for her own identity; her mother Ane, in a professional and sentimental crisis; and her grandmother Lita and aunt Lourdes, a beekeeper. Through this family, Urresola narrates a summer in which Ane returns with her children to her mother’s house, where the relationships between women of different generations mingle with the rural Basque environment.

The film won the Golden Biznaga at the Malaga Film Festival and was nominated for several awards at the Berlin Festival, winning the Silver Bear for Best Leading Actress for Sofía Otero.

Xornadas FICBUEU festival de cine

I Cinema Seminars: sculpting in time

– 24th september 2022 –

Analysis of the treatment of time in cinema is complex, since there are numerous elements that come into play in its elaboration, from filming to editing. In order to approach this essential element of the language of cinema, participants with different profiles took part in the conference, allowing for different perspectives on its treatment and how it shapes the character and sensitivity of filmmakers.

Master class: José Manuel Mouriño on Andréi Tarkovski

José Manuel Mouriño is a researcher, teacher and filmmaker. He has a PhD in fine arts from UVigo and is the representative and coordinator of the Andréi Tarkovski International Institute in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. In 2015 he published Escritos de juventud de Andréi Tarkovski and more recently Andréi Tarkovski y El Espejo. Study of a Dream.

Conversation: time and cinema. Andrea Morán and Daniela Urzola

In this meeting these two professionals shared their vision of different filmmakers with special attention to the treatment of time in cinema. 

Andrea Morán is programmer of Filmadrid and part of the editorial board of Caimán, Cuadernos de Cine. She directed the short films Espin: Historia de un regalo fallido, Norah and Yo siempre puedo dormir pero hoy no puedo

Daniela Urzola is a film critic. She graduated in Law at the University of Cartagena (Colombia) and in Art History at the University of the Andes. In 2020 she gained a master’s degree in film criticism at ECAM. She currently contributes to Caimán Cuadernos de Cine and is a member of the editorial board of Mutacións magazine.

Online Round Table: the rhythm and temporary realities that allows editing

Film editing professionals shared experiences about their work, focusing on the details of the way time is dealt with in film narrative. This meeting was moderated by Diana Ramahí and featured film editors and filmmakers Carolina Astudillo, Ana Pfaff and Diana Toucedo.

Meeting: Oliver Laxe and Ángel Suanzes

Ángel Suances led this conversation with the Galician filmmaker Oliver Laxe. We reviewed his filmography, focusing on the treatment of time in his work.

Oliver Laxe made history in 2019 by becoming, along with Víctor Erice, the first Spanish filmmaker to be selected at Cannes with his first three films, and the only one to win awards in all his participations. His latest film, O que arde, has been shown in the main festivals of the season, such as San Sebastian, Toronto, Tokyo, London, Melbourne, Mar del Plata and New York, winning numerous awards.

Screening of Zerkalo by Andréi Tarkovski

We closed the first of these cinema seminars with a screening of Zerkalo (1975), one of the most representative works of the russian filmmaker.

Tarkovski is the director with the most defined theoretical vision of time as a means of emotional expression. His essay Sculpting in Time is the inspiration for the name of the 2022 conference. Zerkalo is not only a masterpiece of cinema, but also constitutes the autobiographical artistic legacy of one of the most influential filmmakers in history. It is a film that delves into the emotional springs and memory – whether faithful or tragic – that define the man behind the artist.

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