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Cinema arrives in Galician schools with workshops and screenings through the program “Cinema with Perspective”


Forty educational centers throughout Galicia will benefit from screenings and workshops for creating short films in the “Cinema with Perspective” program of the Department of Education of the Xunta de Galicia.

Bueu, April 11, 2023 — The Bueu Film Festival is expanding its reach with an initiative of the Xunta de Galicia to bring workshops and screenings to schools throughout Galicia. Over the next few months, students from 40 different educational centers will be able to enjoy an experience that will allow them to get closer to the world of cinema.

Nenas e nenos nun obradoiro do FICBUEU

Under the name “Cinema with Perspective”, the program aims to promote equality, interest in cinema, and audiovisual education among young Galicians through two types of activities.

In order to work and think on gender and social equality, sessions will be held for screening short films followed by a discussion and analysis of the films, providing students with the tools to identify values and understand the messages conveyed through films, comparing opinions and debating the role of women in society and the issues that exist in this area.

During the workshops, students will have the opportunity to learn different aspects of cinema, such as direction, acting, production, or editing of films, by making a short film to put into practice the tools and concepts of cinematic language that the FICBUEU team will provide.

Starting next week, the organization will begin the program that will run until the end of the school year in the selected educational centers:

Screening sessions:

  • IES As Barxas 
  • IES Plurilingüe a Paralaia
  • CEIP de Seara
  • IES Illa de Ons
  • IES Monte Carrasco
  • IES A Guía
  • CEIP Plurilingüe Párroco Don Camilo
  • CEIP Plurilingüe A Doblada
  • CEIP Serra-Vincios
  • IES Plurilingüe Terra de Turonio
  • CEIP Doutor Suárez
  • IES de Cotobade
  • IES Faro das Lúas
  • IES A Basella
  • IES do Barral
  • CPI Plurilingüe Dr. López Suárez
  • IES Ánxel Fole
  • IES Enrique Muruais
  • CEIP Plurilingüe de Vilar de Barrio
  • IES Xermán Ancochea Quevedo
  • IES Canido
  • CEIP Couceiro Freijomil 
  • CEIP Plurilingüe de Centieiras
  • CEIP Plurilingüe de Outes
  • CEIP A Maía
  • IES Eduardo Pondal
  • CEIP Eduardo Pondal 
  • CEIP Francisco Vales Villamarín
  • IES Francisco Aguiar
  • CEIP Plurilingüe Víctor López Seoane

Creation workshops:

  • IES Monte Castelo
  • CPI de Zas
  • IES de Beade
  • CEIP Nosa Señora de Lourdes
  • IES Illa de San Simón
  • CPI Plurilingüe José García García
  • CEE O Pedroso
  • CEIP Virxe do Rocío
  • CEIP Fermín Bouza Brey
  • IES de Meaño 

FICBUEU appreciates the collaboration and participation of all schools, as well as the Department of Education, in their commitment to audiovisual education and promoting equality.


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